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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day 5 

This by far was my favorite day on vacation. We started off our day just a few blocks from our campsite at the Garden of the Gods. This place is majestic...stunningly beautiful. You really get to see God's handy work here. 

Pikes Peak covered in clouds in the distances. 

Before we headed to our main destination, Balance Rock, we stopped in the museum/gift shop.

After a little walk around we were off to Balance Rock! Our goal was to recreate a picture that my mom took of my dad, sister and I a very long time ago. I was 7 so we figured this was 30 years ago!

After lots of pictures we were off to find a nice hiking place. Not too far away we found a pretty good place...however I could only go about halfway up with Milly and Asher is a little scared of heights so the 2 of us stayed back. I had a great view to take pictures.

It's kind of hard to tell but they were SO high! It amazes me how brave and adventurous Aiden is.

By now it was HOT so we headed back to the campsite to grill chicken and get ready for Pikes Peak. After lunch we all rested a bit and it started raining. The bad news was we were pretty sure there would not be very good views on Pikes Peak. The good news was it really cooled down! We all dressed warmly and headed towards the Cogsway Railway to make our way up Pikes Peak. 

We boarded the train and off we went!

In all honesty I was a little nervous. I wasn't quite sure how fast or steep this ride was going to be. I've been up Pikes Peak before but my Dad drove us up. That my friends was terrifying! I can still remember my mom screaming because she thought the car was going to fall off the edge! I also was worried about the kids getting sick up top. When you ride the train they only let you stay up there for 30 minutes because they said any longer and you can get altitude sickness. My sister had to be taken to the medic when we went 30 years ago because she was SO sick! So I had all these thoughts in my head but the views were so amazing once we started going my head cleared!

I just took it all in and enjoyed watching the kids excitement in this new adventure! 

It really felt like we were on top of the world!

Once we arrived at the top the air was definitely thinner. It was very hard to catch my breath but we were so excited it didn't hold us down. We immediately stopped to get a picture.

It was SOOOOO cold! 32 degrees but with the wind and rain it felt much colder. Unfortunately there wasn't any snow. There had been some snow left but once it started raining it all melted away. 

The summit was like a ghost town! The roads had been closed all day and ours was the last train so we were the only people up top. That was pretty awesome! All the guys just took off running and yelling! It was great!

 They didn't make it too far because of the altitude 😉

The original Summit house

I wish we could have stayed up top longer. It went by so fast and this was by far my favorite moment on the trip. Standing on top of the mountain with my family is why we take family vacations. This is why we go through all the hassle of travel. It's to have these moments. Moments none of us will ever forget...and I can attest to that being that at 7 years old I went with my parents and can still vividly remember the experience and how happy we felt.

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