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Thursday, August 3, 2017

I'm going to go ahead and finish up the trip so's gonna be a long one...

Day 6

One of the things Cam wanted to do most on this trip was white water rafting. The only thing was finding a place where kids can go was hard from here in Texas. Once we got to Colorado the people at the campsite helped and we found somewhere not too far away. So Day 6 Cam, the boys, my sister and her fam and brother and his girlfriend all headed out on their adventure. 

As you can see they had a pretty good time 😉 Asher was very apprehensive about going but I used my experience with fear of the stairs at Seven Falls and encourage him to go and not let fear guide him. I was glad he went.

He was so happy when they got home and we laughed and laughed at the pictures. Aiden, well he is quite the adventurous. He says this was his favorite part of the trip...possibly the whole summer! I could see him moving to Colorado when he's older.

While all of them were out getting soaking wet my mom, dad, Milly and I opted to get wet a different in the rain 😉 Manitou Springs has an awesome shopping/restaurant area and we had a great time walking around for a few hours. 

After we were all worn out we headed back to the campsite. My parents grilled steaks in the rain while I made all the side dishes and cleaned up our cabin. Once they were all back we ate, watched the videos from their day, laughed till we cried then all went our own ways and went to sleep. It was a great day!

Day 7

It was our last full day of vacation. Cameron set an early tee time to play golf so he left the cabin while we were all still sleeping. From the looks of it he had a nice morning out.

He also played his best round ever so when I picked him up he was all smiles 😊

Emily and her family left for Denver to catch a flight home so the rest of us went off for some more shopping.

We found some pretty interesting things...

My little cherub. 

After shopping I picked up Cam, we headed back for some lunch and then set off for some hiking in Garden of the Gods with Elliot and Maribel. Milly decided to stay back at the camper with my parents who just wanted to relax. 

We were having a really good time when it started to downpour on us. Did we turn around...nope! We just kept on hiking. The boys were shockingly having a great time. We were soaking wet, cold but still having fun so we hiked for about an hour in the rain.

Then back to the car we went when we were just too cold to continue. We ordered pizza, picked it up and headed back to the cabin to eat. The evening was lazy...we all just laid around and watched TV. It continued to rain into the night and as we went to bed I couldn't help lay there and feel thankful for this wonderful vacation we just had. 

Day 8

It was our last day in Colorado...our flight was leaving Denver at 6:30pm. We got up and started packing, said goodbye to my parents, Elliot and Maribel and packed up our car and headed to Denver. Being that we had almost an entire day we wanted to see some things that we didn't get a chance to earlier in the week. Our first stop was the National Ballpark Museum.

Piece of the green monster in the back

This place was so cool! They had some amazing memorabilia and any baseball fan should really stop in. 

Like the drain cover that ended Mickey Mantle's career...

Or one of the lights at the first ever night game...

The turn style from the 1920s

and of course a Babe Ruth autograph ball

It's really small but we spent about an hour looking at everything and talking to the lady that ran it.

It was lunchtime when we left so we walked a couple of blocks to the Denver Chophouse and Brewery for lunch. 

The food was AMAZING! The best we had on on the trip. And the beers were delicious. I had an apple cider that is hands down the best I've ever tried.

After lunch we walked across town to the Denver Firefighter Museum. 

Milly had been saying that she wants to be a "fiderfider" when she grows up so I knew this was a must stop on the trip.

and she loved every second of it.

Cutest little fiderfider ever!

There are no words...

As we were leaving we had about an hour before we needed to be at the car however we had about a 30 minute walk so I detoured us towards a "shopping" area called 16th street. It was definitely worth walking down! They had so many cool places to stop for the kids.

These spinning chairs were FUNNY!

Bike wheels

Weird/cool bungee swings

By the time we made it to the end of the street we were almost where we needed to be and EXHAUSTED! All of us were ready to be home. We finished the hike back to the car and headed to the airport. I'll spare you the nightmare story of dropping off the rental car, standing in the rain waiting for a shuttle to the airport, the insanely long security line and barely making it to our flight even though we had allotted 2 hours and just take you to this moment

Milly preparing herself for an emergency 😂

The flight was short and easy and we made it home just in time for bedtime. Our trip was amazing! This was the first trip that all the kids were great and super fights, no whining, no complaining...nothing! I feel like we are easing ourselves out of that stage and man does it feel good 👍

On to the next great adventure!

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