a very grand opening

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My family is in the grocery business and has been my entire life. My dad started off as a grocery stocker in a local chain of stores in college and then from there moved to an assistant manager. When I was a freshman in high school he saw an ad for a grocery store for sell in a small town about 45 min away from Austin. I can still remember driving out to see it wondering what crazy plan my parents were hatching. Well many MANY years later that crazy plan shows nothing but their success. 5 years after my Dad bought his store, 5 miles down the highway in another small town my Mom opened up a store for herself. Together they have owned and operated both stores for over 2 decades. Well...the torch has been passed along to my little brother.

He is now the owner of my mom's store and I couldn't be more proud of him! Last Saturday was his grand opening and the new name was revealed of what is now his store...Big B's Meat Market and Grocery {Big B has always been my dad's nickname}. We all came together in AWFUL weather to cheer him on.

It's crazy to think at my parent's ribbon cutting of this store back in 1998 he was only 7! Who would have ever thought he would be having his own ribbon cutting ceremony.

We love you Elliot and wish you nothing but success! 

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