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Friday, August 18, 2017

1. We are all settling into our school routine around here and it's going pretty good. I have to say, I completely forgot how much time I spend in my car during the school year. Our commute is about 30 minutes each way plus adding about 10 minutes in morning car line and then about 30 in afternoon car line, it's safe to say I practically live in my car. Then as soon as I get use to this routine little miss Milly will be starting preschool 3 days a week in September and that throws a whole new routine to get use to. I should throw some pillows and blankets in the car...and maybe a mini fridge...

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2. The one good thing about waiting in car line forever is it's helping me fly through the books I'm reading 😉 I finished Reasons to Believe and liked it. It was good...not life changing. I flew through The Glass Castle and LOVED it! I think it's my new favorite book I've read this year. So good and I highly recommend. Now I'm on America's First Daughter and so far am loving it. I am all about reading anything during the American Revolution.

3. Milly is turning 5 in September and by this age both my boys were in a seat belt booster. She is so tiny that when I put her in one to try it out, it didn't look safe. I've been wanting to get her out of her convertible seat for lots of reasons and the main one being that it takes her FOREVER to get in and out of it. I mean you would think it's climbing Mt. Everest to get in that seat. Redonkulous {spell check does not like that word 😂}. So I've been on the hunt, reading tons of reviews and even going out and looking at seats. I was soooo close to ordering the Britax Pioneer seat but really didn't want to drop 2 Ben Franklin's on it and then I found this seat.
Graco Tranzitions 3-in-1 Harness Booster Convertible Car Seat, Kyte

It's perfect and meets all our needs. It's lightweight {we tried it in person}, plus it goes all the way from a 5 pt harness to a backless booster. JACKPOT! My favorite part...wait for was only $75 big ones! 🎆🎇🎆 
*I just went to Amazon and noticed it went up to $99 overnight
Anyway, we are excited to get it next week and try it out!

4. Unfortunately school has left us with our first victim...Aiden is home sick with what I believe is strep. Big bummer. We will be hitting up the doctor later to confirm what I already pretty much know. Being that we have a big pool party tomorrow for Asher's baseball team, this isn't the best time in the world but what are you gonna do.

5. My to-do lists have been long and my motivation very low but one goal this week was to sit down and really tackle some of it. I only got a few things checked off {extremely low motivation friends} and the most important being planning our ski trip. We are going skiing in New Mexico the week after Christmas and staying through New Years and in the skiing/vacation world, that's a pretty busy time. I had my eye on a certain room for about a month and of course when I sat down to book it, it was no longer available. One of the main things we were wanting this trip was being able to walk to and from the slopes. That way if someone wanted a break but the other didn't we could just go back to the room. I called the resort and ended up finding a condo that I hadn't even looked at and it's perfect! I'm stoked. I cannot wait for this trip 😊 Now I just need to go through all our ski clothes and see what fits us and what we need to buy.

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6. In my complete lack of motivation, I have however, been working out everyday with the barre 3 workout. I have a love/hate relationship with it but the fact that I am actually doing it and haven't made up an excuse not to is some major progress in my book. I also started dry brushing which is pretty interesting 😉 Pinterest has tons of pins all about how amazing dry brushing is so I figured I would give it a go. A week in and I am enjoying it but I will have to update on if I think it really works farther into the journey.

7. And lastly I am on the search for a new purse. I have a serious addiction with purses but considering it's really the only thing I buy for myself it can't be that bad...right?! I've narrowed it down to this one and this one. I like them both but am leaning a little more to the Michael Kors because I love the navy. In the first I was thinking the dark gray, which I also love. I'm going to give it another week and see which one speaks to me more. Or if one goes on sale with will always help the decision!

Happy Weekend!

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