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Friday, August 4, 2017

1. I have finally finished all the Colorado trip posts. Here they are...

Day 1 & 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6, 7 & 8 

2. I am so happy that I started planning our annual Back To School Feast before we left for Colorado. This year I am not completely ready for school to start but that doesn't mean I'm not going to plan an awesome dinner 😉 The stars I ordered with our school year motto arrived, the gifts have been ordered and most have arrived, the dinner has been planned and now all I do is wait for the big day. Last year we had the feast the evening before school started and this year I plan on continuing with that tradition...which would mean next Tuesday. This morning I spent time putting out all the back to school decorations around the house and the boys and I washed their backpacks and loaded them up. The mudroom has been cleaned and organized, all their uniforms are washed and ironed and new checklists have been made and hung in their rooms. We are officially ready for school!

3. On the same back to school note, my plan this year is still stay on top of things! It's so easy at the beginning of a new school year but I would realllllly like it to last longer. I bought this giant planner with the morning/afternoon/evening layout. So far I love it. I have August and September laid out and have also set goals for myself each month. Milly will be home with me all of August but once she is back in school in September there are a few personal things I hope to achieve. There's a little notes section where I plan of writing an inspirational quote every week to keep me on track. This week it's 
"Have patience with all things, but, first of all with yourself." 
~Saint Francis de Sales

4. Here are pics from our last couple of Kirchoff Sunday Best 

We've also been trying to go to Mass at least once a week during the day and last week after Mass we stopped by the Faith Formation Office to sign up for Religious Education. Aiden will be in youth group this year which is pretty exciting (and crazy). I cannot wait for all the new friends and adventures he will have this year. Asher will be in his last year of RE and I will be teaching the Kindergarten class with Milly in tow. They cancelled the preschool class so I asked them if I could do kinder and just bring her along. Of course they agreed so this should be a fun year 😉

5. I've been working like a busy bee around our house doing a little "spring cleaning." Every year before school starts I get on this crazy cleaning/organizing kick. It's like I feel like everything has to be perfect before we start this new busy period in our life. Oh well, my house looks awesome so I guess there could be worse things. I'm thinking next week I'll do my 7QTs on all the house changes.

6. This summer was really really great. With Aiden starting middle school I really wanted this to be a great summer together. I put on my chill out pants {most days} and just tried to sit back and relax. We had days that were jammed packed with activities and we had days that we stayed in our pj's all day. We read together, watched movies, played games, did crafts and my favorite, I taught the kids how to clean. I cancelled my housekeeper for the summer and now my kids are experts at cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. Overall we spent a lot of time together and I loved it. Staying in chill out mode is why, I think, that I'm not ready for summer to end. But alas it has to...

7. Yesterday at dinner I asked my kids what their favorite moment of summer was and they said...

Aiden "Going up Pikes Peak."
Asher "Going to the Rockies baseball game because it was my first time at that stadium, we almost saw a no hitter and I love baseball."
Milly "Playing with my brothers"

Enjoy my photo dump from the last couple of weeks 😊

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