1st day of school and back to school feast!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Today was the first day of school!

Here we come 5th and 6th grade! 

The boys were really excited this morning. They were even so excited last night that neither could fall asleep. I ended up putting them together and both fell asleep immediately. I cannot wait to pick them up at 2 and see how their days were!

Per tradition, last night was our annual 

Back to School Feast!

Our theme this year is...

"Pray as if everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on You."
Saint Augustine.

When I read this quote back in July I knew it was going to be perfect for the school year. It's a great motto for life 😊

As always I love to have a beautiful table...

and I order our stars...

These are my favorite that I've ever ordered. The theme is on the big star and then each yellow star is engraved with the kids name.

The kids also each got a little special gift...

Books, a medal with their saint they are named after...Michael, William and Mary, a notebook with our theme and then the boys each received MP3 players. Let's just say they were BEYOND excited 😉 We feasted on Schlotsky's because  it's their fav fast food place and after a day of cleaning and decorating Mama needed something easy. For dessert was their favorite...Root Beer Floats!

It was a fun evening for everyone. We talked about expectations of the coming year and the boys wrote down 3 goals in their new notebook for the year. 

Let the school year begin!!!! 

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