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Monday, July 24, 2017


Every year we plan a trip with my whole family...usually to the beach. This year I was really wanting to try and do something different. Not that the beach isn't fun but I was wanting a more adventurous vacation. That's when Colorado came to mind. Good thing is my whole family was excited about the new idea and all jumped on board! My mom, dad, sister and her family and brother and his girlfriend all loaded up in an RV and drove to Colorado Springs. Our little family decided to go a few days ahead of them, fly into Denver, see a few things and then meet them in Colorado Springs. So one Saturday VERY early (we had to wake up at 3:30am) we were off to the airport to catch our flight to Denver!

This little lady is the best traveler

Our flight was super quick and we were in Denver by 7am. At this point we were exhausted, hungry, excited...just all the feels a new vacation brings on!

After almost an hour and a half of waiting for bags and getting the rent car we were off to grab breakfast.

This was after about 5 minutes of being in the rent car. 😏

Here's the funny thing about all the research I did it was actually a little difficult to find family friendly things to do. Almost everything said "just rent a bike!" or "head to the mountains for a hike!" One thing I did find and I knew that Milly would love is a Butterfly & Insect Museum. 

This place was SO cool! All of us loved it! They had a water exhibit, insect exhibit...

Her poses slay me!

The bravest one of the bunch!

And then into the Butterfly Pavilion. 

After we left Milly looked at me and said "Mommy today my dream came true...I walked with butterflies." Oh my sweetness 😊

By this point we were all getting pretty tired but we powered on! Next stop was Red Rock Amphitheater.

The views were amazing!

 Walking up to the top row is when we REALLY started feeling the affects of the altitude. Oh Em Gee! We had the hardest time catching our breath!

 We finally made it to the top and just enjoyed the views!

From the top row of Red Rock overlooking Denver.

My little monkey hanging in the tree!

They had a small museum featuring all the musicians that have performed and when. It was pretty cool!

Just taking a break in the air condition was NICE 😏 Denver was a lot warmer then we thought it would be. 

This was pretty much the point where we hit pure exhaustion! It was around 3pm meaning we had been up almost 12 hours already. So we headed into Denver to see if our hotel room was ready.

Nap numero dos

But on the way we had a little surprise...
Mile High Stadium! 

Being the HUGE Broncos fan Asher is we made a little detour to head over and see it.

After stopping in the gift store and picking up some swag we were off to the hotel. After checking in our room and walked a couple of blocks to a local burger place for beers and burgers. The food {and beer} were amazing! Then of course ice cream to cool off. 

We headed back to the room, hit the pool for about 30 minutes and then were all asleep in bed by 8pm. WE.WERE.EXHAUSTED.


We all woke up feeling much better and rested then the day before. 12 hours of sleep will do that 😉 I found a local yummy breakfast place not too far away so we strapped on our walking shoes and hit the streets.

The morning was so nice and cool we all just enjoyed walking around a new part of town.

Breakfast was delicious! I highly recommend Jelly to anyone visiting Denver.

The donuts were our appetizer 😋

Our big plans for the day was going to a Rockies game at Coors Field but after breakfast we had a few hours to spare. The bad thing was being Sunday most of the museums were closed nearby so we just started walking back towards the field to check out Union Station...completely on the other side of town. 

This was a long walk! Oh man, I was tired from walking so I can't imagine how the boys felt...Milly had a stroller. About 30 minutes later we found Union Station.

The kids collapsed on the couches and Cam and I grabbed a couple of Kombuchas to cool off.

After a nice cooling rest we were off to the ballpark!

We are a huge baseball family. One of our goals is to visit every ballpark together. This one was the 4th as a family (6th for Cam and I). Pretty much all our vacations revolve around which ballpark we need to visit.

The game was insanely hot! It was kind of funny hearing all the locals talk about the heat. They really shouldn't come and visit Texas in the summer.

These 2 are the BIGGEST baseball fans ever!

We almost got to see a no hitter by the pitcher but in the 9th inning with an out and 2 strikes the batter got a hit. The Rockies ended up winning but man this was a great game and so far my favorite at a ballpark...minus watching the Rangers.

Asher is so lucky and somehow always gets a player to throw him a ball! It might help that his Daddy is so tall and easily gets their attention by yelling and pointing down at Ash 😉

After the game we walked the long walk back to the hotel but on the way stopped at a pizza place for dinner.

We got into bed early that evening after a really fun day. Denver was so great! The town is beautiful, very clean and the people of Denver were so nice. We were sad to leave but excited to meet the rest of our family in Colorado Springs for the rest of the vacation!

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