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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


We woke up bright and early Monday morning and ready to head down into Colorado Springs to see the rest of our family. They had arrived Sunday evening and were non stop texting us pictures of our camp grounds. We were all excited to get there ourselves and see it!

Two hours later {and one the most beautiful drives} we were pulling into Colorado Springs! Our cabin wasn't quite ready to check into yet but we stopped for a bit to see my parents RV, my sister and her family's cabin and then we were off to see the sites.

First stop...The Manitou Cliff Dwellings.

This was a must see on our list of things to do. I can still remember coming here as a child and being amazed and couldn't wait to see that amazement in my children's faces.

They loved walking and climbing through the rooms and I loved imagining how families use to live here and how they used the rooms. 

It was SO hot outside yet in the rocks it was surprisingly cool. Almost as if an air conditioner was on.

My little model 😉

The views all around were stunning!

Me and my Daddy

We love gift shops 😉

After a few hours at the cliff dwellings we were all pretty hungry so it was off to lunch! My mom had remembered a favorite restaurant of hers when we came here 20 years ago and we were hoping it was still open. To our luck it was so we stopped in The Mason Jar for lunch! 

After a delicious lunch we decided to squeeze in a visit to Seven Falls before we headed back to the camp site. When I was a kid you could drive right up to the falls but a few years ago a horrible storm almost washed away the falls completely so now you have to park at the bottom and walk and very long walk to the top. Good thing we had some beautiful surroundings to encourage us!

Some of us used a pouty face to get a ride to the top 😊

and of course when you are the only little girl in the family you pretty much have your Daddy wrapped around your finger.

Once at the top everyone was all smiles and ready to hit in the insanely long stair case to the top of the waterfall.

I'm not going to lie...I was SCARED! Aiden took off with my brother and his girlfriend, then Asher went and Cam said he was going to carry Milly and I had a mini anxiety attack. I seriously couldn't walk up. I was so scared Milly was going to fall or Cam was going to trip. This staircase is straight joke. After they all made it to the top I decided I had to do it. There was no way I was going to show my kids that I let fear get in my way. So up I went. Once at the top I was so glad I did. The views were gorgeous and there was a nice little hike waiting for us.

The best part though was seeing how excited my kids were to see me. And then we had to head back down. Ugh...I started feeling my anxiety rising again. The thing is...going down was alot easier then going up.

Cameron seriously carried Milly the whole way! Needless to say his arms were a little tired 😉 Dad of the year!

After all that exhausting fun we were headed back to the campsite to check in and finally get our cabin. After unpacking, eating dinner and relaxing with an adult beverage we headed outside to meet some of our neighbors and roast marshmallows.

The day was fun yet exhausting! Thankfully our cabin was gorgeous and everyone had their own bed to sleep in leading to a great night sleep for everyone because there was no slowing down in the future for this family on vacation 😊

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