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Saturday, July 22, 2017

1. We are home from our vacation in Colorado {which was amazing} 

picture tease...real post coming soon!

and with less then 3 weeks until school starts again {seriously how is that possible} we are on the tail end of summer. I'm not going to lie...usually by this point I'm all HALLELUJIAH for school to start but for some reason this year is different. I am not at all ready to send off my kids to school. NOT.AT.ALL. I would love another month or two of summer. This one went by way too fast. However I don't hold the power to change the start day of school so we must get ready. I was really smart {slightly crazy} this year and got almost all our back to school shopping done at the end of May/beginning of June. The boys wear uniforms and everywhere had them on sale so I figured I might as well buy them. I'm really glad I did however I did not figure in a growth spurt over the summer. I made a very small list of goals for this week and one of them was completely cleaning out the kids rooms...nightstands, under the bed where Asher stores his goods when he is suppose to be "cleaning" his room, closets and going through their clothes and trying them on to see what we need to get rid of. I do this every summer before schools starts and the time it takes is so worth it! In all this cleaning I found out Aiden grew over an inch this past month and Asher grew about 2. What tha what??!! So Aiden's school slacks were moved to Asher's room and I hopped on Old Navy to order Aiden a couple of new pairs. To my luck they were BOGO! Woo to the hoo 👍 Milly had a major clean out and a good friend of hers will be getting a closet full of clothes 😊 Other then that we went shoe shopping to beat the back to school crowds and I stopped by Gymboree to use my gymbucks and did all of Milly's back to school shopping. 
Done and Done!

2. One thing I completely dropped the ball on this summer was cooking dinner. Many nights we ate whatever I could cook up quickly from the freezer or we ate out. I was really tired of either of these options so I drew inspiration from this blog and created a monthly meal calendar.

I made it before we left on our trip and I cannot tell you how easy this has made my life this week. Plus when the kids ask what's for dinner I just guide them to the inside of the pantry where they can see for themselves.

All it took was a $5 cork board from IKEA, washi tape, stick pins, label maker and my computer and time and Voila!

I love it and hope it's a system that keeps on working.

3. Our little dancer in training went to 2 dance camps this summer. She absolutely loved them and the boys and I loved going and seeing their little performance the last day of camp. 

She is also killing it in gymnastics. 

I'm kind of selfishly hoping she keeps these 2 activities up instead of going the organized sports route. Of course if she wants to we will let her but for right now I think these are her strengths.

4. We took a quick little road trip to see our favorite baseball team play before we left for Colorado.

The kids are finally at great ages to just pickup and go! After the game on the way home, we stopped by The Texas Sports Hall of Fame museum in Waco. I've been wanting to take the kids here for years so when Cam agreed to stop by I was thrilled!

If you are a sports fan and ever in Waco this museum is a must see. Super kid friendly and full of really interesting memorabilia. 

5. This week after we dropped Milly off at camp the boys and I hit up a local park for a hike. We had the best time hiking in Colorado and with nothing else on our to do list we thought we would give it a go here in town.

We had the best time together and since it was early it wasn't too hot. I really enjoy spending time with just me and the boys. Why oh why does childhood have to go by so fast. 

6. Before we left for Colorado we went into Austin to celebrate my Aunt's retirement. 

The kids were so excited to go because any excuse to see some of their favorite family members and eat cake is a win win in their book!

real life folks 

7. Other then that we have been just enjoying summer and the hot, long days that come with it. We've been swimming, watching movies, eating junk food, playing games, snuggling in bed for long lazy mornings and playing with friends every chance we get.

Summer 2017 you've been so good to us!

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