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Friday, June 23, 2017

We woke up bright and early our third day in Ireland to set off on a day of seeing the land. We hopped on our tour bus and drove about an hour and half towards the sea to visit Malahaide Castle.

The drive out there was beautiful. I really felt like this was my favorite part of the trip...just seeing the countryside. If I ever have the pleasure of visiting here again, this is where I will go 😊

The castle was gorgeous and we were lucky to have the best tour guide. She told stories of the families that lived here...

how everyone bathed in one bath tub only a couple of times a week...

how they were Catholic but had to hide that in fear of persecution so they had a secret alter behind this wall that a priest would come and perform Mass for them...

and of ghosts, like this lady, that haunted the castle...

It was all in fun and her animated stories made it all seem very real. After the tour we walked around the Castle gardens. The weather was cloudy and cool and nice for an outside tour. We came upon a butterfly greenhouse that was gorgeous.

All I thought the whole time we were in here is how much Milly would have LOVED walking among the butterflies.

There were so many very cool greenhouses on the property.

After a couple of hours of touring and shopping (they had the BEST shop) we were off to Howth, a seaside village. This hour long drive was even better then the one before. The little towns we went through were picturesque. Once in Howth, Cameron and I opted out of the big group lunch and went down to the water where we found a little restaurant serving fish and chips. Oh man...was it good! Then we walked around and took some photos.

it was a little windy 😉

A Catholic church from the 10th century.

The day was fantastic...our favorite part of the trip. That evening we had dinner at a local town (food was delicious) then stopped at a small pub by where we were staying with some friends we had met.

They introduced us to "baby Guinness'" which is a shot with a little Guinness and Bailey's. They were yummy 😊 We had a VERY late night but it was the best time!

The next day we slept in till almost 11. Man did that feel good! We ordered room service and then Cam was off to play golf. 

From the pictures he took the golf course looked quite beautiful.

Rory plays here often 😊

I spent the day reading, napping, had lunch with some ladies, more napping and more reading. It.was.glorious! 

That night was the big awards dinner so we got all dressed up and had another great night.

This one was not as late as we had a super early morning and a long day of travel ahead of us. Overall the trip was great! We met some really nice people, had another trip of a lifetime and most importantly got to spend time together with no kids. I think its sooooo important for couples to get away to help strengthen their relationship. Not only is Cameron my husband but he is also my best friend. My numero uno. I love more then anything spending time just the two of us and a once a year getaway vacation is the perfect way to do that 😊

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous. I dream of visiting Ireland someday.

    1. It was gorgeous. So much more beautiful then I could ever imagine :)


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