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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

We are home! And recovering 😏
Thankfully this trip was pretty easy to recover from. When we came home from Rome it took an entire week for Cam and I to feel normal. This trip was much different. I honestly don't think either of us ever got use to the time change over there which made coming home easier. It is SO nice to be home! Ireland was beautiful and the weather was perfect. 

We left home last Wednesday, flew to Chicago, waited there about an hour (that airport is INSANE) then headed over to Dublin. After swearing I would never go on another overnight flight we did. And for the second time I swear I will not go on another one. They are just awful! I cannot sleep on a plane. We landed in Dublin at 8am, headed to the place we were staying and to our no so good luck found out our room wasn't ready. We were SO tired since neither of us really slept on the plane. So we grabbed some food and walked around a bit and a few hours later we were in our room sleeping. I haven't slept that good in a long time! The hotel we stayed in was once a castle.

It was gorgeous! The only downside to staying in an old air conditioning. Y'all...we almost died at night. We had one tiny window in our room that was our only supply of cool air. The only time we slept good was during the day when we napped. We pretty much spent the entire trip walking around completely exhausted!

The first night we had dinner in white tents on the grounds of the hotel.

This was taken around 10:30pm. The sun doesn't set until between 10:30 and 11pm because of how north they are and rises at 4am.

Before dinner they had Bailey's tastings, local cheese and chocolate tastings and a geneologist. Here's the Ireland it rains. ALL.THE.TIME. It can be warm and beautiful and 30 minutes later freezing cold and raining. Crazier then Texas weather! The evening was great and we didn't stay out too late because of how tired we were.

The next day we were up bright and early to catch a bus into Dublin. Our first stop was Trinity Library to see the Book of Kells. Of course no pictures are allowed but this is worth seeing. Amazing! After that exhibit we stepped into their famous library chamber called the Long Room which was built in 1860.

It was absolutely stunning and smelled just like an old library. I loved every second!
After we left we walked around the campus a bit and found some hidden treasures...

...before heading to St. Patrick's Cathedral.

My favorite shot from the whole trip.

This Cathedral was so massive and gorgeous. It was more of a museum then a church even though they still have mass on Sundays.

Everywhere you looked was a piece of Irish history.

I made him stand there 😂

The man himself

I loved all the neat little things around the church...

Like these little chairs that children would sit in

Or this tiny door. It was so small only a child would fit through it

This stone was dug out of the well that St. Patrick would baptize people.

As we were leaving we stopped by the choir school

This school was founded in 1432 and is still functioning today. 

By this time we were pretty hungry so we headed back towards the city center to find somewhere to eat.

I have to say Dublin is a beautiful city. All the residents are so very nice and Cam and I felt completely safe walking around. We decided on a little cafe that had this beautiful wall.

After lunch we did a little shopping the got back on the bus to head to the hotel where we took a nap before dinner. Vacation is best for that am I right?!

Dinner was at the Guinness Storehouse. What I learned on the trip about Guinness is it's so much more then a beer factory. This company has helped out Ireland in so many ways. 

As we walked up we were greeted by drummers. Their show was very entertaining.

The whole time I was thinking about how much my kids would have loved this!
Then it was in to shop, eat and of course drink some beer.

This was my first time trying Guinness and I loved it! It was almost a mix between coffee and beer. However I was told that the Guinness back here in the states does not taste this good.

And Cam even learned how to pour a Guinness because apparently it's not as easy as pouring a regular beer. Who knew?!

I didn't get a picture but during dinner a Riverdance group performed for us. That was fascinating! 

We ended Day 2 exhausted but happy and excited for what the next two days had in store for us 😊

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