disney on ice: a tale of our first adventure

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Back in February my sister called me to excitedly inform me that Disney on Ice Princess' (obviously not the official name) was coming to town. So we decided to make a girls date out of it and take my niece and Milly. We waited 3 long months before the day finally arrived. In hindsight I REALLY should have not said anything about it to Milly until the day of. Just sayin...

Now I am not the biggest Disney on Ice fan. We've taken the boys twice and both times I swore I would never go back. But one late May weekday evening I found myself where I said I would never go again 😉 

Here's the was pretty fun. The show itself not great at all but watching it through Milly's eyes was pretty amazing. 

She was singing along, would screech when the princess' would come out of skate by us. That alone was priceless.

Will I ever go back...who knows. I might let Cam take her next year but I was glad that I got to have this year with her. 

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