{7QTs} the end of may edition

Friday, June 9, 2017

Linking up with Kelly

1. We are currently in Ireland, I'm sure having a wonderful time, so I put this post together before we left. The end of May (well the whole month actually) was so busy and I didn't have time to get to some of these fun happenings so here ya go!

2. My brother has one of those fancy drones and brought it over for Asher's party. He got these great pictures of our house and property!

3. We went to the last home game for the Texas Longhorn baseball team for one of Asher's friends birthday party. We got SO lucky with the was cloudy and cool which made for a fun afternoon of baseball watching. 

After the game the kids got to go on the field and run the bases and then get autographs and pictures with the players.

Milly and her friend were a few of the lucky ones that got a picture with this guy 😉

4. One day while browsing Home Depot I decided that I might want to paint the house. I've never been a huge fan of the white walls but Cameron really liked them when we moved in so I just went with it. Now I think even I have him convinced that a light to medium gray would be nice. And I just threw in the turquoisey color to freak him out 😜 

5. One rainy Saturday we hit up the theaters to see the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie. We all loved the first one so we were pretty excited about the second. Let me just give all the parents a warning...this movie has some very inappropriate scenes for kids. It's not what they are doing but what they are talking about. I.was.shocked. The first one was fine for the boys but this one, I was literally cringing in my seat praying certain scenes would be ending quickly. Ugh...why?!

6. Aiden ended his bowling season with a fun bowl and an awards ceremony. He ended up getting second place for highest handicap and his team got second place overall.

Oh man are we so proud of him! This was his first season bowling and he hit it out of the park! I think maybe he has found his thang!

7. And finally if you are in need of a summer savior look no farther then Kiwi Crates. Thankfully the past few months have been so busy the boys never had a chance to do theirs. Last week we broke these bad boys out and they entertained the kids for hours with minimal help from me. Hallelujah! Plus they make really cool things with them. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Happy Friday! 

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