90 years old

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Last weekend Aiden, Milly and I headed down to Houston to celebrate my great uncle turning 90 years old! Cameron and Asher had an important baseball game they couldn't miss so I was on my own with 2 kiddos. Well...not really on my own considering practically my entire family was there 😉 We had a great time just the 3 of us. We stopped twice on the way down just to shop at gas stations and once we got to the room we just laid in bed and watched TV. It was nice and calm and there were no arguments. However we did greatly miss our other 2 guys.

We looked pretty good in our matching outfits

And we had tons of fun playing and seeing cousins that we hadn't seen in awhile.

 My dates were the cutest of all 😊

 It was fun celebrating a man who has lived a very full life and still going strong!

One of my favorite parts was seeing old pictures of my Grandma (on left)

I had never seen any pictures from when she was a little girl before. It was so special to me. We stayed up super late dancing and visiting and had the best time. The next morning we woke up, spent some more time with family and then just the 3 of us went to visit my other grandparent's graves.

They were dirty so Aiden and I did our best to clean them up and then Milly found some fake flowers that had fallen off someone else's grave and put them by Grandma's. I was smiling the whole time because I knew she would have gotten the biggest kick out of Milly doing that 😉 I miss her very much and sometime feel sad that she never got to meet Milly. They would have gotten along so well. Then I remember that they did meet before we even met Milly girl. 

After we left the cemetery I took Aiden to "the best Pokemon store in Houston" and then off to home we were. The drive was great, the kids were great and the whole weekend was tons of fun. I only hope one day my family is throwing me a 90th birthday party. Only very few are that lucky 😊

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