spring recap

Monday, April 24, 2017

I love spring! Everything is just so beautiful and because of the nice weather here in central Texas we can actually enjoy it!

Our spring always consist of lots of baseball and this year was no exception. Once I get the motivation to get the pictures I've taken off my camera I will do a baseball post 😉

Other then baseball we have been busy...

Getting our 5 minutes of fame

Cameron and the boys went to a golf tournament one Sunday at the end of March in Austin. Once a year all the famous golfers head to Austin and this year all 3 of my boys wanted to go. Cameron text me that they might be on TV on the last hole of the course so I rushed to turn on the TV and tape it. Low and behold there were my 2 boys smack dab on the TV! It was hilarious!!!! They were so excited to see themselves 😊

Working in the flower beds and garden
picked this weekend

I am just loving my yard, flowers and garden this year. I literally spend any free second I have outside working on something. I absolutely love it! My garden is so amazing this year...I have cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, cabbage, yellow squash, okra, potatoes and strawberries. It's been so much fun planting and watching it all grow. Even the kids have taken a huge liking to gardening which I love. It's one of the reasons I wanted a garden in the first place!

Looking ever so fashionable and sassy

Oh my goodness having a little girl to dress up is so much fun! Her and I love shopping together and picking out special things. After an afternoon of shopping she got some new shorts, a necklace and sunglasses. She was ever so stylish!

And now we can finally put her hair in braided pig tails. It's been our go to hairstyle for the spring! I am just loving my little Milly at 4 years old. I think this is my favorite age on her so far...

Meeting new family members

The day before St. Patrick's day little Avery Jackson made his way into the world and our family. Because of a few health problems he wasn't able to come home from the hospital right away and because we were just recovering from the flu when he was born we didn't get a chance to go up there and see him. A couple of weeks ago I really wanted to get my hands on him so I headed up to visit him. He is just the little sweetest thing in the entire world! Man if a baby was ever loved this is the one. We can't wait for him to come home so we can all love on him a little more 😊 Congrats to my cousin and Kate!

Crafting like CRAY CRAY!

Cameron got me a Silhouette for Christmas and until the beginning of April I just didn't have the time to sit down and figure out how it works. Once I did I was on a role! I made this wreath above and the used the Silhouette for the lettering on the sign. It really completes my front porch now! And it's pretty true ✊

Then I had ordered Asher a new sports bottle and thought hey I should add his name! And then hey I should add a baseball 😉 So now he has the coolest looking water bottle on the team...which of course he really cares about, lol!

Other then that we did spend a large majority of our spring sick which of course is a bummer. However since last year we were no sick at all (Remember Aiden's perfect attendance) I guess we were due. Through our sicknesses I have really dived into Young Living Oils and learning more about how to use them for wellness. I hope my new discoveries will help us in the future to avoid illnesses.

With only a few weeks left of school the month of May is always crazy busy and flys by. We have all kinds of school events, Mother's Day, birthdays, finishing up baseball, finishing up school and end the month with our first week of summer. 

To say that I cannot wait for summer would be the understatement of the century!!!!! I think I am more ready for summer this year then the kids 😊

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