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Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

I love the Easter much joy and happiness after weeks of fasting. This Lent was a rough one for us. I had so many plans of how my Lent was going to look and by Holy Week as I looked back the majority of the time someone in the house was sick...even during Holy Week Aiden had the flu 😞 I'm concentrating on a JOYOUS Easter season!

By Friday we were all glad and welcomed the 3 day weekend of sleeping and getting things done around the house.

Cameron, with the help of my brother, created this rock garden in one of our larger beds.

I'm not quite sure this constitutes as a rock garden, but it was impossible to grow anything here but weeds so something had to be done. It looks so nice and one neighbor came by to ask us if we were going for yard of the year 😉

Friday afternoon, Asher and Cameron met up with some friends to play golf.

Asher was so excited to go he was up at 8am cleaning his clubs and was dressed by 9:30am even though they didn't even leave until 2! He had a great time and while these boys were gone, Milly, Aiden and I worked in the garden a bit and laid around. Aiden at this point, was on the tail end of the flu.

Saturday since Aiden was feeling better, Cameron took him and Asher to see the new Power Rangers movie. They all loved it! Sissy and I mulched my garden, picked a few goodies and made a delicious dinner.

She's quite the little helper 😉

 I wanted to make something with my cabbage and potatoes and found a Ham and Cabbage stew recipe. Oh man was it delicious!

I also whipped up a loaf of homemade bread that was probably the star of the dinner table!

After dinner the kids dyed Easter eggs. This has always been something my kids love to do and always look forward too!

We spent the evening watching another movie...Guardian of the Galaxy and then off to bed awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny.

He came and of course didn't disappoint. As usual watching the kids find eggs was equivalent to an episode of Survivor 😂

After all the eggs were found and a breakfast of eggs, bacon and red velvet pancakes, we were off to Mass to watch the boys serve.

Watching them serve together is one of my most favorite things in the world! After Mass, we headed over to my parent's house for a fun afternoon of family, loads of food, laughter and more egg hunting.

Happy Easter friends!

"For the rest of our lives we will live, minute-by-minute, in the reality of both the Cross and the Resurrection. Knowing that Christ has died for us and that He has redeemed the world this Easter Sunday won’t take away our suffering. But His resurrection can teach us that He loves us so intimately to be present in the midst of all of it."
Devotion from Blessed is She

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