spring break

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Unfortunately our spring break was pretty uneventful. I had planned so many fun things to do with the kids but in the end we only did one. I was recovering from the flu which ended up taking me a full 7 days to fell good enough to even get dressed and then another 3 days to feel back to my old self. That flu is NO JOKE! Thankfully, Cameron had signed up Asher for a 3 day baseball camp with the Round Rock Express, our local Triple A baseball team.

Asher was so cute and had the best time!

The last day of camp they handed out awards to the kids. There were 4 awards and as the first 3 were handed out I looked over at my little baseball player and could tell he so desperately wanted to get one. The 4th and last award was given to the MVP of the camp. They described it as the kid who showed hard work, a great attitude, respect and determination. Then I will never forget these words they said "The MVP of camp is Asher Kirchoff because everyday he came out here and gave it his all and we know that he has what it takes to make it far in the game."

OMG I was SOOOOOO excited and proud and tears filled my eyes. He was so incredibly cute getting up to get his award. This kid just loves baseball. It's his passion and for him to rewarded for it was so special.

They gave him a bag full of goodies but the most exciting prize was a bat that was used in a Texas Rangers game by Joey Gallo. Joey Gallo is one of Cameron's favorite players so when Asher got the bat he knew how excited his dad would be!

His number 1 fan 😊

That had to have been the most exciting part of spring break 😉

Other then that, the kids spent the night at my parents house one night, we bought some new plants and planted flowers around the house, worked in the garden and around the yard. The weather was so nice and warm.

I love that I can finally pick flowers from yard and bring them in the house. My roses are so gorgeous this year and because spring has come early in Texas they are in full bloom.
One thing I knew we were going to do no matter what was go and see Beauty and the Beast. We have been waiting for this movie since last summer!

Now I think I might be the only person on the entire planet but...

I didn't really like the movie. I was super disappointed in it 😕 I really really really wanted to like it but found myself through out different points in the movie thinking why????!!!!
Oh well...sometimes you just shouldn't mess with the original.

Next year hopefully our spring break will be more exciting and sickness free!

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