2 years

Friday, March 31, 2017

Today is our 2 year anniversary in our home. Time is such a funny thing. While it's been 2 years there are times it feels like we have always lived here. Then the kids and I will drive by our old house and living there feels like another lifetime. Honestly it kind of was. In the old house it was mostly just the 4 of us. Years of walking the block with the boys, playing in the yard and hanging out upstairs. In this home it's the 5 of us. Our family is complete in hopefully our forever home. Man does that feel good.

So much has changed in this house since 2 years ago when we signed the papers. The first year was mostly getting unpacked and settled. Getting into new routines, finding out new things about our neighborhood, meeting our neighbors, everything was new. The second year was getting the house to exactly how we wanted it. I have decorated and redecorated rooms too many times to count 😉 We have worked countless hours in the yard and flower beds and organized every square inch of the house to make it exactly what we want. Here we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary and stepping into our 3rd year in this home and things finally feel perfect. Our home is exactly how we want it to be. I have no idea what this coming year will hold for us in this house but I imagine it to be full of new memories. I think to the future and can almost imagine hearing the loud thumps from giant teenage boy feet upstairs. Or the loud chitter chatter from middle school girls coming out of Milly's bedroom. Living here and growing here is going to be one of my greatest joys in life...I just know it 😊

Thank you Escondido for keeping my family and our memories safe.


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