that time they stuck a micro drill in my son's eye...

Thursday, February 23, 2017

More on that in a bit 😉

This past week has been nuts. I am so exhausted and barely able to function thanks to lack of sleep from a sick child. I completely forgot how wonderful it feels to sleep all night. 

Let's rewind...

Last Thursday Aiden got in the car itching his eye. Being that he is allergic to EVERYTHING on God's green Earth this was not out of the ordinary at all. We went home, put in eye drops and that was the end of that. Friday morning it was a little red and still itchy. More eye drops, sent him to school and for the most part I thought all was fine in the world. Picked him up Friday his eye was SO red. Like seriously fiery red. I like to pride myself in being the mom that doesn't overreact or freak out easily (might need to rethink this one) so I just took him home, eye dropped him again, put a warm towel on it and let it go. Saturday morning his eye was less red but still bothered him. I did think he might have pink eye but my kids have never had pink eye so I thought that it seemed weird he would finally be getting it. Now I have had pink eye so I know the number one thing is a gooey eye (sorry I know super gross). Here's the thing...there was no goo. Just really really watery. So back to the eye drops we went, I took him to bowling where of course he bowled his highest series ever!!!! With 1 working eye. So crazy this boy 😊 After we left I drove over to the local weekend clinic to see if they could help us out.

I was to stop here and say that I swear if something crazy is going to happen to my kids it is almost ALWAYS on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!!! I mean c'mon!

When we got there I was greeted by a very loud and full of information woman who informed me that she had been there since 9am (it was 11:30) and the nurse had only seen 2 patients. So we sat there for an hour and the patient that had been in there when we got there had still not come out. So I looked very closely at Aiden's eye and could see a small white dot right in the center of it. He has scratched his eye before and this is what it looked like. So I text a friend, googled eye injuries and came to the conclusion that it was not infected (because no longer red and only watering) and that eye's can actually heal themselves. So I bought a patch some eye rinse and off we went. For the rest of the day and the next day his eye started looking really good. Not red at all, we flushed it, kept it covered and I felt like he was on the mend. It did still bother him but it wasn't as bad as the day before.

Sunday morning I wake up excited about a baby shower I was hosting only to hear my poor little Milly crying upstairs for me. She was sick. She had fever and was coughing. 

I mean c'mon kids!!!!!!! Give Momma a break!

I mortin'd her up and 3 hours later she was a new person. I thought the fever might have been a fluke and she REALLY wanted to go to the shower with me. So off we went (in hindsight this was a TERRIBLE idea).

She pretty much started going downhill right when the shower started but it was fun and my aunt and the mom to be were happy I brought her...fever and all

Monday I was feeling hopeful that my family would be back to normal but boy was I wrong. Being that we had the day off from school I was looking forward to doing something fun with the kids.  Aiden's eye still hurt and Milly was even sicker then Sunday. We pretty much spent the entire day laying in my bed.

I did however manage to clean out my dresser and completely go through and clean the room...baseboards and all. I also redid my nightstand which I LOVE!

I found these metal picture hangers at Michael's back in the fall for $8 each and they've just been sitting in a closet waiting for the perfect spot to go.

Tuesday was the day both my kiddos were finally going to the doctor. Milly was feeling really rotten and had an awful night so I was pretty hopeful to get a diagnosis. She had walking pneumonia 😟 The pediatrician really wasn't sure about Aiden and being that his eye had been bothering him for so many days recommend we went to an eye doctor. So the day my daughter is sick with walking pneumonia we pretty much spent the entire day in the car. Not fun.

I called our eye doctor and got him in pretty quickly. Once there I told him that we thought Aiden scratched his eye. To my complete shock after he looked at Aiden's eye with his fancy magnifying eye looker thing he informed us Aiden actually had an object embedded in his eye.

SAY WHAT???!!!

20 minutes later after a couple of techniques failed to get it out, he dilated Aiden's eye, gave him numbing eye drops and used a micro drill to get it out. I swear I have PTSD from this. It freaked me out so bad! Aiden, on the other hand was a trooper. He was completely still and focused. The good news...he got it out. The even better news...Aiden's eye went from watering and hurting to completely fine! We are having to do antibiotic eye drops to keep it from getting infected but he's back to normal.

Rockin the dilated pupil 👊

It has been a week I tell ya. Being a mom is one adventure after another 😊 

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