aiden is 11

Friday, February 17, 2017

Aiden turned 11 on February 1. 

I really cannot believe I have an 11 year old. I know I say it every year but man how is it that I have such big kids now??!! I really don't feel qualified at all to have a pre teen. 

However I cannot stop time so my only plan is to just get myself prepared one way or another 😉 Luckily Aiden is an amazing kid. He's so sweet and kind and all his teachers he's ever had love him. They still stop him at school to hug him and ask how he's doing. They constantly tell me how lucky I am to have him. Of course I already know this but hearing it is always nice 😊

These 2 have been best friends since they were 3!

Aiden is slowly getting taller and there are morning when he comes downstairs that I can look at him and physically see he grew over night. He is creeping up and now when he hugs me his head sits right at my chin. I know it won't be long when I hug him that my head sits at his chin. This thought use to scare me but not anymore. I kind of look forward to my big man child hugging me 😋

Dear Aiden,
I feel like my life began 11 years ago when you were born. I was so lost in the world and then there you were and gave my life so much meaning. You were the missing puzzle piece to who I was meant to be. You allowed to me to begin a new adventure, my new purpose in life as being a mom. You are smart, funny, sweet, so kind, give the best hugs and snuggles, determined, competitive and the best son and brother that your dad and I could ever ask for. When I think of your future I am not scared of what lies ahead but so very excited and thankful for the journey that you will take us on. I love you sweet boy.
Love, Mom

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