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Friday, January 13, 2017

We spent New Year's Eve in East Texas at my grandparents house. My grandpa came down with pneumonia the week of Christmas. We were all very worried about him being that when a 95 year old man comes down with pneumonia it can be bad. He is a fighter though and only spent a few days in the hospital. Once he came home my Grandma called my dad and asked if we would all come down and ring in the new year with them. How could we say no?!

I absolutely love going to my grandparents home. It smells the same as when I was a kid, looks the same and has the same welcoming feeling. Every time I walk through the door I am immediately taken back to my childhood. It's pretty awesome. I love sharing these things with my kids now.

We also got to hang out with cousins we don't get too see very often. I seriously could have taken Wren home with me...she is the sweetest!

One thing we always do when visiting is head out to my grandpa's tree farm. He owns 100 acres full of beautiful pine trees. Hiking around the farm was perfect! All the kids loved it and really had the best time. 

They also enjoyed shooting guns. I have grown up around guns so this is normal for us but I must say watching my kids do it made me VERY nervous! They had a blast though 😉

We left their house New Year's Day morning and on the way home stopped by Cameron's dads house for a short visit. The kids LOVE going to his house. He has all kinds of fun "toys" for them to play around on.

We left later that evening and headed back to central Texas. My city kids sure did have fun living the country life for the weekend. As we were driving home Aiden asked if we could buy some land so we could do that more often.

 Maybe one day son 😊

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