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Friday, January 20, 2017

Last week I made a few new updates to our home. I have been wanting to spruce up the dining area a bit. Along with that I have also been wanting to add a "family faith space" somewhere in the house. It occurred to me that this little wall in the dining area would be the perfect place. This is where we all gather everyday as a family, so it just seemed fitting that it was in this room.

We use to have the smaller blue cabinet (now in the living room) but it always seemed just a bit too small for the wall. I ordered this grey bookshelf from Target and it fits perfectly! Not only is it cute but very functional and now can display some of my favorite colorful dishes. With the shelf being just plain grey, I thought it would be fun to spruce it up a bit with some peel and stick wallpaper for the back. In my mind I imagined a beautiful floral print. Well, reality is quite different and finding any peel and stick wall paper that didn't look like it was from 1980 was pretty hard. So I settle for this fake wood design.

Applying this to the back piece of the furniture was kind of a nightmare. I probably should have measured and cut smaller pieces to apply but instead I just measured, cut the entire piece and then unpeeled the entire piece and let's just say EVERY.SINGLE.THING in the vicinity stuck to it!!!! Omg I had a small panic moment over it. Thankfully I got it on and it looks good.

My original plan for the top of the Mary and Jesus picture, the beautiful Jesus picture, a crystal box for the rosaries and then flowers. However, once I started putting things in place my design mind starting working overtime. The Jesus print looked so pretty in the blue frame and the blue frame stays on this shelf because it can't stand on it's own. I also loved the way it looked with the candle holders that I was going to take down since they were Christmas decorations.

After that decision was made I realized I now had a huge empty spot on my tabletop. Then it came it me...what if I put the picture of St. Peter's Basilica there. 

We received this gorgeous picture from the company that sent us to Rome shortly after we got home from our trip. It's been sitting in our guest bedroom since May because I just had no idea where to put it. I worried it might too big but to my thankful surprise it was perfect!

the glare in this room is soooo bad!!!!

Other then the dining space, I added Valentine's decorations in the kitchen and entry way.

All of the printable are from the blog I should be mopping the floor. Most of the other decor is from Target. 

I just LOVE Valentine's day and all the decorations for it. It's one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.

I also added a holy water font by our front door.

And I added this basket for people who come over to put their smaller things it. Or just because it's a really cute basket that fit perfectly in this spot. 😉

I always find making little updates to the house fun. It's something I very much enjoy and my family does as well. 

We have been chugging along quite nicely in our liturgical year so look next week on how we are celebrating. Should be interesting 😊

Happy Weekend!!!!

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