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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

We only have a week and 2 days of school left before winter break and I am feeling all different emotions about it. On the one hand I am very excited for lazy mornings, holiday traditions and possibly a little vacation. On the other hand I have SO much going on these next 2 weeks and so much still to do kid free before they are all home. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my days since little miss is at preschool. I was so looking forward to these 4 days to just jam pack things in and get them done. 

And then she got sick last Friday. This morning as I was reading my devotional, I said a little prayer that she would wake up feeling better so she could go to school. Then I heard her little scratchy voice as I was about to take the boys to school. I headed upstairs, opened her door, she sat up and looked right at me and said "I really don't feel good mommy." Poor thing. So here we are at home today. After breakfast we played My Little Pony's then had a few moments on Snapchat and now she is currently laying in my bed watching a movie on Netflix allowing me to get some things done. 

So naturally instead of dishes or laundry I'm blogging #priorities

At some point today I need to sit down and make a big To Do list for the next couple of weeks and get this housework done! I am almost done Christmas shopping but still need to find a few things and wrap them. Maybe Sissy will take a nap today and let me get that done...

On another note, our Advent is going very well. Our Jesse tree is looking really nice! 

So far everyone is enjoying this tradition. The kids are taking turns coloring the ornaments. I found that having them color all the ones for the week is the way to go instead of the day we are hanging it. I've also learned that if we don't do the reading in the morning at breakfast it's harder to get done.

Sunday we celebrated the Second Sunday of Advent.

And every morning I have been enjoying my Blessed is She devotional. So far this is my favorite thing I have read in it.

"God became man and He chose a woman as His vehicle into the world. From there, woman became mediators. Jesus performed His first miracle at the request of his mother. She knew, as women do, that their hosts would be in an embarrassing and uncomfortable place if the wine ran out at the wedding reception. So, she gently nudged her Son. Jesus was good with the nudging. He knew her feminine genius. That's how she was created. (John 2:1-11) And when the time came for Him to return to the Father, He used His last breaths to give His mother to the world." (John 19:27)

"Because all the world needs a mother. And every woman is a mother." Elizabeth Foss

I had planned to build gingerbread houses on Sunday and it just so happened to be the Feast of St. Barbara the patroness of architects. That just happened to be added to our list of Advent and Christmas traditions.

And I am not sure how I just found out about these but you can buy pre built gingerbread houses so all you do is decorate! Hallelujah!!!!! 😜

Speaking of Advent Traditions, I think next year I am going to write out a calendar and have something planned each day of Advent. We are doing random things at random moments this year but I think having it written out ahead of time would work best for my planner mind.

And to end this ramble of a blog post I am leaving you with a delicious recipes. Since it's FINALLY cold here and we were stuck inside all day yesterday I made the most delicious and super easy tomato soup.

photo from website

Paired with grilled cheese sandwiches last night and homemade cookies that we made it was the perfect meal! 

Oh and the boys and I started reading the Harry Potter series together! I, of course, have read them and it's my favorite series ever! We finished book 1 on Friday so we watched the movie yesterday evening. They loved it and are now hooked 😊

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