{christmas decor} diy nativity stocking holders

Saturday, December 3, 2016

I will first say that I have been wanting to make these for at least 4 years since I saw them on Pinterest. Last year I bought the decals super early (like September) and then could not find where I put them! Don't you hate that??!!! This year I found them during the summer while I was cleaning out a closet and put them in a very obvious place that I would not forget! Ha! I then spent months figuring out how I would create the base for them when one November morning as I rushed into Target just to grab a couple of things I found these wooden snowflake stocking holders on the $1 aisle and immediately ran over there to make sure there were 5 of them. They were perfect!!!! Just what I had envisioned for my nativity stocking holders (minus the giant snowflake of course 😉). 

Let's just say getting the snowflakes off the wood seemed a lot easier in my mind standing in the Target aisle. It took about 20 min per holder 😨 But at only $3 a pop I kept telling myself it was worth it.

Next step was painting over the square where the snowflake was. I used the same paint that was on each side of the fireplace because 1. I already had it and 2. I thought it might look cool. Then after 2 coats I sanded it a bit around the edges to give it a rough look.

Next, find placement for the decal and put on.

I have used quite a few decals in my life and I have to say these were some of the easiest ones I've ever used! They came off the paper perfectly and then peeling off the top layer off the wood was super easy as well. I highly recommend. 

Overall this project was so easy (minus peeling off the snowflakes) and I just love the way they turned out!

Stockings from PaisleyPockets

I love the way my mantle and fireplace area looks and feels now. 

Chalk art inspiration from Pinterest

Now if it would only cool down enough for a fire 😉😊

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