thanksgiving break

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Not sure about you, but our Thanksgiving break FLEW BY! As I was waking the kids up Monday I literally couldn't believe we had just had a week off.

Both boys had spent the night out Sunday, so Milly and I woke up, picked up the house, ran to Target to grab coffee (for me), a slushie and popcorn (for her) and a few new Christmas decorations. Then I put up the tree, hung up some decorations and before I knew the boys were home. After lunch we had friends come over and play the rest of the afternoon. After they left and we ate dinner I went up to Milly's room to find this.

I am still getting use to girl play 😉


We woke up, decorated the tree, laid around the house a bit, ran some errands and then went to see Trolls.

a bit sunny, eh?! 😂😂😂😂

I kind of dread kid movies at times. I mean there are some that I honestly would rather poke my eyes out then watch and I had a bad feeling this movie was going to be one of those. To my surprise it was FANTASTIC! We all loved it and the music is sooooo good!

Thanksgiving morning means one thing in our family...cinnamon rolls and the parade. We all LOVE the parade (and I when I say we all I mean everyone but Cam 😉). 

After the parade Milly helped me bake pies for dinner.

Then we packed up and headed to my parents house. We had the best Thanksgiving meal ever! It was seriously so delicious. The day was perfect and left me feeling full and thankful for my wonderful family 😊.

It's been a tradition for at least 6 years that every Black Friday Cam and I drop off the kids at my parents house for a sleepover and spend the day Christmas shopping and then enjoy a kid free night. I love this tradition and look forward to it every year! This year our dentist gave us tickets to the UT football game. I know kind of weird right?! LOL! We went to my uncle's tailgate before the game and ran into my cousin and his family. It was so nice to visit and catch up before the game.

If any of follow football you know that Texas is absolutely horrible this year. No matter what, going to the games is always fun. Once a Texas fan, always a Texas fan 🏈
After the awful game we hit up a few stores for some good Black Friday deals and then grabbed dinner.

Seriously one of our favorite things to do together is eat, ha! The food was AMAZING!!!! We love eating at places we couldn't with the kids. The day was so much fun and one of the best parts was sleeping in the next morning.

After waking up and enjoying coffee in a quiet house, I hit up a few more stores and deals before heading to my parents to pick up the kids. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon putting up lights outside the house. I need to take a picture because it looks so good!!!!! Then off to church that evening and out to dinner.

It was my niece Alexi's birthday! We headed over to their house in the afternoon for her party. It was an emoji party which all 3 of the kids loved.

After all that emoji fun, it was back home to celebrate the first Sunday of Advent.

The countdown is on for Christmas Break...only 3 weeks!!!!

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