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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

1. Last Wednesday we had our 4th annual Halloween Party for the boys. It was a expected! Crazy to think when Marwa and I started these our boys were so little.

Not so much anymore :)

2. Milly had her Halloween parade on Thursday at preschool. My heart literally almost bursted out of my chest when we she walked into the room. There were so many parents and her little eyes were quickly going through the room looking for me. When she saw me she had the biggest smile ever. I just love my little sweetie.

3. Last week was ALL about Halloween! Milly also had a Halloween party at dance.

4. I never posted but my Halloween decorations were SO cute this year! Plus I realized I have never posted my mantle update. So here ya go!

Last years mantle {in case you forgot}

I just LOVE the new fireplace. Cam did the wood in March and I painted the sides this summer. It's perfect :)
Here are some more decorations from around the house.

And some how yesterday I made the time to take all Halloween down and put up Thanksgiving decorations. Feels good to be on top of things.

5. Last Monday I took Milly to her 4 year checkup. 

height 39 3/4"  45%
weight 31lbs 8oz  18%

She was adorable, that is until shots. She cried just a little and was fine for a few hours but then started to have a big reaction. She ran 100 degree fever for 2 days and her leg was so sore she could barely walk. It was a tough few days but she made it through :)
I also took her to get her Halloween picture made last Friday.

Even though I missed a few years I'm really trying to keep up this tradition. The ones I have of the boys are some of my most favorite pictures of them.

6. Lately I find myself running all over this house looking for things. At our old house I had a great system for everything that worked really well. At this house, even a year and a half later, I'm trying to find my groove. My biggest headache right now is hair stuff. Every morning I fix the boys hair and for some reason we just cannot keep it in the same place. Same goes for Milly's hair stuff. I think if I had double of everything...stuff for upstairs and downstairs it would save me alot of grief. My goal this week is to get that figured out!

7. Yesterday was All Saint's Day so the boys and I headed to mass after gymnastics. It was a really nice mass where the priest reminded everyone that the real heroes in the world were sitting right there in that church. The boys and I had a great talk last night on how anyone can be a saint.

After church they had to run off a little steam :)

Happy Hump Day Friends!!!!

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