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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Once we come to realize how much God has given us, a life of self-sacrifice, of working for him and for others, becomes a privileged way of responding to his great love." 
Pope Francis

Sunday was quite the fun day. We decided to go to the later mass (which we NEVER go to) so we could relax around the house that morning. Milly and I decided why not put up our little tree upstairs. Saturday afternoon while Cam watched football, I pulled out all the Christmas decorations. I have never put out Christmas before Thanksgiving before but was really really wanting to this year. So slowly all our stuff started to find a place 😉 

She was so adorable decorating the tree. She would talk to the ornaments and carefully find the perfect spot for them. I really had the best time watching her. Our tree downstairs is up but no ornaments yet.

After mass we headed over to my parents house to celebrate my little brother turning 25!

I told him to make a crazy face when he blew out the candles! LOL!

To say that my brother turning 25 makes me feel old would be the understatement of the century 😳

Milly loved the cupcakes! 

After the party, Aiden stayed to spend the nights with my parents and we took Asher over to a friends house to spend the night. It was just Cam, Milly and Me that evening! I had to laugh at the end of the evening because of how shockingly easy it is with just one. Lately I've been listening to podcasts and moms with big families will say how it's easier the more kids you have. That, I believe, is a lie they tell themselves to stay sane 😉 because 1 dinner time, 1 bath time, and 1 bed time is a million times easier then 3! 

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