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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Around the end of summer, Aiden mentioned to me that he kind of wanted to change his room a bit...personalize it a little more. Being that I want my kids to really feel comfortable in their rooms {and that I love any chance to decorate} I happily agreed. I had also been feeling that his room wasn't really working the way I thought that it could. I had been toying with the idea to rearrange it but wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger. So when he came to me wanting to change things I thought what better time! He is really into Pokemon these days and wanted to add some Pokemon to his room. We looked on Etsy and found some cute Pokemon prints that looked a little vintage.  He wanted to change the bedding but I really did not want character bedding in the house so we just agreed to add the pictures :) I had also been wanting to take out the old dresser {because I really despise dressers in kids rooms} but the turtle tank lived on top. I got my mind thinking and remembered that we had a pretty big IKEA shelf in the attic. I moved the dresser into the closet, pulled out the IKEA bookshelf, cleaned it up but it still wasn't right because it was so tall. Then it hit me...turn it on it's side and put it under the window. What do you know! It was perfect!!!! After moving around the other furniture, hanging pictures in different spots and setting up a fun and funky lamp I found on clearance at Target, the room was ready! And it looks fantastic :)

Aiden's Room 



It was amazing what a difference it made moving the bed from one wall to another. The room feels so big now and best of all...he loves it!

So after I was finished with his room here came Asher "Do you want to change my room now?" Here's the thing...Asher's room is one of my most favorite in the house! I really didn't want to change it but I knew that he wanted a new space since Aiden had one. So I went in there and created a new vision for the room. Because of the walls when we first moved in there was only 1 clear place to put the bed. I decided why not try it in front of the window? And guess worked great there! I also bought him a new red blanket and a hat holder for the front of his closet. I decided to create a picture collage for him with 4x4 prints because this guy LOVES pictures! Just moving things around made the biggest difference and now he loves his new space just as much as Aiden.

Asher's Room



Boy's Closets

Like I've said before I really don't like dressers in kid's rooms. Here's the thing: they are always messy, drawers are always left open and clothes never stay folded. They are pointless to me. Plus they just take up space. My goal was to find a new solution and I did at IKEA, Amazon and Target.

 I really, really wish I would have taken a before picture when I redid the boy's closets earlier this year because you would not have believed what they looked like. They were awful! First goal I wanted to accomplish was to get the top shelf cleaned. My boys love keeping weird things and if I would let them they would keep EVERYTHING! I love purging things and cleaning out spaces so we are quite the opposite. A nice compromise we have made {and it's working} are these white plastic bins. Whatever fits in there nicely they can keep. If they want to put something new in they pretty much have to throw something away. Hallelujah it's working! My second goal was finding a system for folded clothes. This is where IKEA came in and this hanging clothes organizer.

I have to also add at this point I went through the boys clothes and got rid of a lot of clothes {not necessarily shirts}. My boys wear uniforms so they need 1 uniform for each day {shorts or slacks}, a couple of pair of nice shorts, a couple of pair of workout/play shorts, a couple of pairs of jeans and that's it. For some reason we had so many pairs of shorts it was ridiculous! Another plus to cleaning out the clothes is my laundry got easier! Not really sure why but it did so I'll take it ;)

These black clothes organizers also come with drawers that are divided into sections.

Each boy has 2 of them and it's where we keep socks, underwear and gymnastics clothes.

Next goal was shirts. I bought this extra hanging down rod from Amazon and hang all their uniform shirts on it. They are easy to find, easy to grab which works best with boys I have found. I also hang all their shirts. Play shirts, dress shirts, everything is hung. Since they share a bathroom and are almost the same size, under their bathroom cabinet is where I keep their pajamas. They are in plastic bins like the ones of the top for shorts or pants and one for sleep shirts. No more walking through the bedroom wet to get their jammies. All right there in the bathroom!

And here are pics of Asher's closet. His is a little bigger but still pretty much is the same thing.

I also added a mirror on his door because he is all about fashion :)

It really is amazing how well this closet system works for us. I highly recommend it for families. The best part is that it's so easy for the kids to maintain. I usually come in here once a month to tidy it up and go through clothes. They are responsible for putting away their laundry and bringing dirty clothes downstairs and this system has helped out so much in that department!

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