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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This year I was completely on top of things when it came to decorating the house for the holidays. Last year was our first year here and I remember many times feeling that things felt out of place and overall it just didn't seem to feel right. This year I started early, took my time, really found the perfect place for everything and it all came together so nice!

I love the dining space...especially with the addition of the new tree. I have toyed with the idea of having more then one tree since last year but wasn't ready to pull the plug. I bought this tree over the weekend on clearance at Home Depot and had planned on putting it on the front porch. Yesterday as I was cleaning I thought...hmmm that tree might look nice in this little corner. So I dragged it in and what do you looks awesome! Ha!

I always look forward to decorating this space. It only takes a few changes here and there to keep it festive for whatever holiday we are celebrating!

Santa pics are one of my favorite things to pull out this time of year 😊

Frame and Candle holders from IKEA
Candles are from last years Advent wreath
Print from one of my fav blogs

And of course, the kitchen needed some love too!

I picked up this wooden sign last year on clearance from Target and trees I made a couple of years ago.

Coffee cups from Hallmark and print from same blog as above

Overall I just love this space and how fun it feels! Makes me happy while I'm cooking, cleaning or eating with my family.

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