thanksgiving break

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Not sure about you, but our Thanksgiving break FLEW BY! As I was waking the kids up Monday I literally couldn't believe we had just had a week off.

Both boys had spent the night out Sunday, so Milly and I woke up, picked up the house, ran to Target to grab coffee (for me), a slushie and popcorn (for her) and a few new Christmas decorations. Then I put up the tree, hung up some decorations and before I knew the boys were home. After lunch we had friends come over and play the rest of the afternoon. After they left and we ate dinner I went up to Milly's room to find this.

I am still getting use to girl play 😉


We woke up, decorated the tree, laid around the house a bit, ran some errands and then went to see Trolls.

a bit sunny, eh?! 😂😂😂😂

I kind of dread kid movies at times. I mean there are some that I honestly would rather poke my eyes out then watch and I had a bad feeling this movie was going to be one of those. To my surprise it was FANTASTIC! We all loved it and the music is sooooo good!

Thanksgiving morning means one thing in our family...cinnamon rolls and the parade. We all LOVE the parade (and I when I say we all I mean everyone but Cam 😉). 

After the parade Milly helped me bake pies for dinner.

Then we packed up and headed to my parents house. We had the best Thanksgiving meal ever! It was seriously so delicious. The day was perfect and left me feeling full and thankful for my wonderful family 😊.

It's been a tradition for at least 6 years that every Black Friday Cam and I drop off the kids at my parents house for a sleepover and spend the day Christmas shopping and then enjoy a kid free night. I love this tradition and look forward to it every year! This year our dentist gave us tickets to the UT football game. I know kind of weird right?! LOL! We went to my uncle's tailgate before the game and ran into my cousin and his family. It was so nice to visit and catch up before the game.

If any of follow football you know that Texas is absolutely horrible this year. No matter what, going to the games is always fun. Once a Texas fan, always a Texas fan 🏈
After the awful game we hit up a few stores for some good Black Friday deals and then grabbed dinner.

Seriously one of our favorite things to do together is eat, ha! The food was AMAZING!!!! We love eating at places we couldn't with the kids. The day was so much fun and one of the best parts was sleeping in the next morning.

After waking up and enjoying coffee in a quiet house, I hit up a few more stores and deals before heading to my parents to pick up the kids. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon putting up lights outside the house. I need to take a picture because it looks so good!!!!! Then off to church that evening and out to dinner.

It was my niece Alexi's birthday! We headed over to their house in the afternoon for her party. It was an emoji party which all 3 of the kids loved.

After all that emoji fun, it was back home to celebrate the first Sunday of Advent.

The countdown is on for Christmas Break...only 3 weeks!!!!

{christmas decor} dining room & kitchen

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This year I was completely on top of things when it came to decorating the house for the holidays. Last year was our first year here and I remember many times feeling that things felt out of place and overall it just didn't seem to feel right. This year I started early, took my time, really found the perfect place for everything and it all came together so nice!

I love the dining space...especially with the addition of the new tree. I have toyed with the idea of having more then one tree since last year but wasn't ready to pull the plug. I bought this tree over the weekend on clearance at Home Depot and had planned on putting it on the front porch. Yesterday as I was cleaning I thought...hmmm that tree might look nice in this little corner. So I dragged it in and what do you looks awesome! Ha!

I always look forward to decorating this space. It only takes a few changes here and there to keep it festive for whatever holiday we are celebrating!

Santa pics are one of my favorite things to pull out this time of year 😊

Frame and Candle holders from IKEA
Candles are from last years Advent wreath
Print from one of my fav blogs

And of course, the kitchen needed some love too!

I picked up this wooden sign last year on clearance from Target and trees I made a couple of years ago.

Coffee cups from Hallmark and print from same blog as above

Overall I just love this space and how fun it feels! Makes me happy while I'm cooking, cleaning or eating with my family.

{first sunday of advent} our family advent and new traditions

Sunday, November 27, 2016

“Come, let us climb the LORD’s mountain,
to the house of the God of Jacob,
that he may instruct us in his ways,
and we may walk in his paths.”
Isaiah 2:1-5 (full reading)

Yesterday evening we headed to Mass to celebrate the 1st Sunday of Advent. Both boys were serving and it seemed so special to me to see them both up there of this special Sunday. I look forward to many years of watching them serve the Lord together. Father Will also gave them a special blessing as this week is the feast day of the patron Saint of Alter Servers, Saint Jean Berchmans. After Mass they were given these beautiful prayer cards.

I always remind my boys that even though it might not seem like a lot serving at Masses it really is. I look around at all the boys in mass that could be serving but are choosing not to for whatever reason. I am always proud of my boys for being brave and trying something new.

This will be our second Advent to celebrate at home. Last year I made an Advent wreath for our dining table but as I was pulling out our decorations this year I couldn't find it. I do remember thinking last year that it was way too big for our table and I honestly think I donated it to Goodwill so that I would have to buy a new one this year. Rather tricky of me, huh?! 😉 So I ordered a new one from Amazon and picked up some pine twigs from Michael's and I just love it.

It's really beautiful and fits the table perfectly. Good move me 😊 

Another tradition I've wanted to do is the Jesse Tree. This will be our first year and I'm super excited about it.

I picked up the tree and tree skirt yesterday from Target (on sale) and ordered the book from Amazon. I'm really looking forward to starting this tradition with the kids. I've been wanting to do this for awhile but never got around to getting it started before Advent and then it just felt too late (perfection personality probs). This year we put out all our Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving while the kids were on break. It was really nice doing a little here and there and I feel like it gave me so much more time to get what we needed to be completely ready to start celebrating Advent and not worrying about putting things up or what we still needed to get.

A personal way that I am going to celebrate and really dive into Advent is with the beautiful journal from Blessed is She.

This journal is absolutely gorgeous and I am so looking forward to spending time with it each morning. 

I am hoping that this Advent has more meaning for our family then ever before. We will be volunteering as a family in different ways, cleaning out things we don't need anymore and donating them, buying food for the food bank, buying gifts for children who need them and praying and reading scripture daily. 

And I must leave you with this silly pic of the kids 😉 

Happy Sunday!

happy thanksgiving

Thursday, November 24, 2016

We want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day is spent with lots of love, food and family 😊

sea world

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Yesterday the kids and I loaded up and headed to Sea World! We had the best day. We've never gone just the 4 of us and I was a little worried how it would go but honestly it was one of the best times we've ever had. The park was practically empty which was pretty magical. There were tons of seats at shows, no lines for rides or pictures with characters. No line for was perfect! The whole park was decorated for Christmas which was so fun. 

We left the park with bellies full of treats, tired feet and just feeling happy. The kids were absolutely perfectly behaved which made the day easy and fun for me. On the way home we got stuck in terrible traffic and our 2 hour drive turned into a 3 hour drive. However, they were so tired that Milly fell asleep and the boys just laid back and watched a movie. None of them made a peep! I felt very thankful for that and knew God was giving me extra blessings so I could get us all home safe 😊 You can just add that to my ever growing list of things to be thankful for.
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