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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Last week was a doozie. I dubbed it the longest week ever because by Tuesday I (for some strange reason) thought it was Thursday. Blah! The week just seemed to never end. So Friday I decided to surprise the kids and pick them up early from school for a trip to our favorite pumpking patch

Sweet Berry Farms

We have been going to this certain pumpkin patch since Asher's 1st Halloween. It's about an hour and half away in Marble Falls. It's so worth the drive though...absolutely gorgeous!

They have 2 mazes there...a candy corn maze which is pretty easy and then the Texas Maze which is much harder. Every year Aiden begs me to go to the Texas maze and every year I say no...until this year. I figured why not! We were in no rush and had all afternoon. After I bought the tickets the girl informed me it takes about an hour to go through.

UMM WHAT???!!!!

Really, I had no idea. The boys were so excited about that I put on my smiley face and off the giant maze we went. It's the shape of Texas and they have placed certain city markers that you have to find. Once you find them you punch the card they give you with hole punch at the sign. Each punch is different so there's no way to cheat ;) 

This ended up being a lot more fun then I thought it would be and didn't even really feel like it took an hour and half! Yeah you heard me (insert mother of the year fist bump). 

Overall the trip was a huge success (no tears from Milly). It was such a nice afternoon that I got to spend just hanging out with my 3 favorite kiddos.

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