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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I hope you are enjoying the new blog look and name! I have been contemplating this for months...seriously ;) I knew that it was time for a name change and I have been wanting a certain look for awhile now. The name though was pretty hard to come up with. I needed something that described us now, was cute but not too cutesy. I wanted something fun and catchy but not too fun and catchy. See what I mean when I say it's hard? One day as I was about to fall asleep "camp kirchoff" just popped into my head. I mulled over it for a second and realized it was perfect! After the name came to me I had to decide on a look. So I hopped over to etsy and was quite surprised when I searched blogger templates how many popped up. I looked on and off for 2 months and just could not decide. Sunday night, since Cameron was gone, I had a lot of time to myself (the sleepover I wanted to have with the boys didn't quite work out) so I thought it was the perfect time to look at those templates again. And I found this one...on sale! I thought, what the heck and bought it! 

So welcome to camp kirchoff

Things are pretty much going to be the same around here just look a little nicer and have a new spot on the world wide web :)

I've been asked many times why I blog. Some people blog for a cause, some blog because it's a revenue source for their family...I do it because I love to write. I really and truly love to write and my most favorite thing to write about is my family. Documenting our lives is something I hold very near to my heart. So whether I have 1 reader or 1 thousand, I will keep writing as much as I can because I want my kids to have a place they can come back and look at their childhood. Hear the stories from my perspective and know how much I loved them. I want to be able to have a space for myself to come back to and see how I was feeling at a certain time in my life. It's a virtual journal for our family :)

I hope you enjoy reading and keep coming back for more because I plan on writing here for a very VERY long time!


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