kirchoff travel diaries: day 7 pasadena and home sweet texas

Monday, October 24, 2016

By day 7 we were beat! I mean seriously exhausted-all I wanna do is sleep tired. We ended up sleeping until 10am (which the kids thought was so funny was noon Texas time) and slowly got up and got breakfast and coffee. The Rangers were playing baseball and Cam and Ash really wanted to watch the game, so the plan was stay in our room as long as we could and then head down to the hotel lobby and watch the rest of the game there. So while the boys watched the game I packed up the room. Then down to the hotel lobby we went and found a nice area to hang. The hotel employees were so super nice! There was a giant TV with comfy chairs and couches around it and they put on the game for us. We grabbed lunch at a nearby Subway and spent about 2 hours watching the game and relaxing. I had wanted to go up to Pasadena (about an hour drive) and see the Rose Bowl but was worried we were not going to have enough time. Cameron really wanted to make it up there because he knew how bad I wanted to, so even though the game went longer then planned, he insisted we make the trip. 
*hindsight...we probably shouldn't have*

Let's just say we got some good experience in California traffic. It ended up taking almost 2 hours to get up there and we were running on limited time since our flight was leaving that evening. However I must say Pasadena is GORGEOUS!!!!! It's what I imagined the LA area to look like. The houses, trees, mountains...all gorgeous. And we made it to the Rose Bowl with little time to spare

We literally jumped out of the car, took a few pics and jumped back in only to get stuck in MORE TRAFFIC!!!!! I was freaking out that we were not going to make our flight. Luckily we came upon a "fast lane" that you pay extra for but don't have to sit in traffic. This lane saved our life! Cameron and I were seriously talking about what we would do if he didn't make the flight (he still had to drop off the rental car) and this lane made that sad outcome look a little dimmer. 

Once we made it to LAX, Cam dropped off me, the kids and all the luggage and then took off to drop off the rental car and make it back. Let me tell you this was quite the interesting feat for me ;) The boys were great helpers but this airport did not have the friendliest workers and I found myself feeling a little on the stressed side (plus Milly was a little a little nuts at this point). Our bags made it in time to be guaranteed on the flight so that was victory number one. Off to security we went which was a lot more crazy then I was ready for. With only a handful of dirty looks (I seriously feel like no one in LA has kids) and a rather rude security worker we made it through...victory two. As soon as we got through security we saw an eating area with a Starbucks. Us Kirchoff's love Starbucks ;) We got drinks, snacks and sat and waited/prayed that Cameron would make it. 30 minutes later here he came through security. He made it!!!! We were all going home together. We headed over to our flight with only minutes to spare before they boarded. We waited. 

And waited

and waited to finally be told that the flight was delayed 45 minutes. All that rushing and stressing for nothing. Oh well. An hour later we boarded the plane and set off for Home Sweet Texas! The kids were perfect on the flight home and because of that I got to finish the book I was reading on my Kindle. It was a great flight to end a perfect(ish) trip. 

After we landed we grabbed our bags and headed home. We pulled into our driveway around 12:30am, put all kiddos to bed and hit the sack ourselves. 

This trip was such an amazing time for our family to spend together. Traveling with the kids just seems to keep getting easier. The boys are at perfect ages for travel and Milly is quite the trooper herself. I look forward to many many more adventures with my little tribe :)

California...thanks for the memories :)

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