kirchoff travel diaries: day 6 california adventure and disneyland

Friday, October 21, 2016

I will first say that we had all intentions of waking up super early and being the first ones at the park but when my alarm went off I hit snooze. And then again. And the I looked at my cute family sleeping so soundly and decided that I would let them sleep a little longer. So I got up and dressed, headed downstairs for coffee and snacks for the fam and then decided to wake them up. It was a good thing I let them sleep because they were all in a great mood and ready for the very long day ahead!

We started off in California Adventure. Once we got there we grabbed a few Fast Passes (I cannot even describe this system because I could barely understand at this park) and then hit up the Monster's Inc ride. The park was fairly empty which was a nice surprise!

After the ride we saw that Olaf was about to get set up to see guests. Of course we had to stop by and say hi! Especially since I heard his line is usually super long. Luckily we were 4th in line!

Next stop was the Disney Junior Live show! Cam and Aiden really had no interest in this show so I sent them off to ride the big roller coaster at the park and we just planned to meetup afterwards. 

Ash, Sis and I really enjoyed the show! Milly was so excited to see all the Disney Jr characters she loves.

They had bubbles, foam and gold coins come from the ceiling and all the kids were laughing and yelling. It was pretty neat. As we were leaving we saw Doc Mcstuffins so of course we had to stop for a pic.

And we saw Nick Wild and Judy Hops in the distance to we rushed over there only to find out they closed the line.

We headed over to It's a Bug's Life land to meet Cam and Aiden. 

Had to stop for a selfie

Of course they LOVED the rollercoaster!

Our first stop in Bug's Land was a ride Milly had been really wanting to ride so it was our first stop.

Then we stopped over to try out some bumper cars

At this point we were on a bit of a time crunch because we had lunch with the Princesses at a certain time. So we headed to that area and went ahead and did the Little Mermaid ride since there was no wait.

Then over to lunch we went. This has to be one of my favorite moments of the trip. This lunch was insanely expensive but worth every.single.penny. Milly was beyond excited. Right when we walked in we met Ariel and then headed to the table where they would announce the other princesses that we would meet.

She took this pic of herself...she was SO excited!

First up was Belle!!!!

All the ladies were so sweet with the girls :) Every time one came over Milly just stared at them and even touched their cheeks. She was in awe! Then they announced that Rapunzel was there!

We were all SO excited because this is her favorite princess :)))))

Rapunzel was the best! We told her that she was Milly's favorite princess (because Milly couldn't talk...all she did was stare at her, ha!) and she kept hugging her telling her how happy that made her. Cam and I both got teary eyed. I know it sounds so silly but it was just a really special moment for our little princess.

Next up, Cinderella

And the Tiana

The lunch was perfect. Even the boys loved seeing their little sissy so happy. We left there all on a high and headed over to Car's Land.

Cars Land is amazing. It's really like stepping into the movie. It was one of our fav moments of the day.

We met Mater (he actually talks) and then went on the famous Radiator Springs ride. 

This ride was the best! Seriously one of my favorites ever. So much fun and if the wait wasn't forever (thank goodness for Fastpass) I would have rode it over and over.

Since Milly couldn't ride the ride we got her a giant lollipop!

My once high maintenance child could have cared less she couldn't ride certain rides. She was such a trooper!

I bet at this point you are thinking man I wish she would have taken some pictures, ha!!!!

After we left Cars Land we rushed over to The Tower of Terror for Aiden and I to ride. They have this ride at Disney World and it's my all time fav. They are closing the one here at Disneyland in January so I had to ride it and Aiden was the only one that wanted to ride it with me.

We grabbed a few pics before the ride.

And then off Aiden and I went!

We look like twins!

It's so spooky and SO MUCH FUN!!!!

We were just cruising around the park pretty much checking everything off the list at this point. Our next stop was the Frozen Live Show

It was like watching a Broadway performance. Gorgeously done and very fun to watch! After the show we rushed over to get a good spot for the Pixar know me and  parades ;)
But not before we grabbed a few more pics.

We were all pretty exhausted at this point. Cam and went and grabbed the kids waters and us adults a few beers (yes they sell beer there!!!!) and we all sat back and relaxed a bit.

Then the parade started!

And, of course, it was fantastic! My fav parade ever!

When Toy Story came around the corner Milly and I almost died! LOL!

It was fabulous! Again I think everyone should visit Disney at least for the parades :) We were all so happy after the parade we headed over to Paradise Pier to end our day trip at California Adventure.

We rode Toy Story Mania which is one of our favs

Asher and I rode California Screamin and Aiden and Cam rode it for a second time after us.

Best roller coaster I've EVER been on! And Asher's face is priceless ;)

The boys ate their first ever turkey leg for dinner.

We rode Kind Triton's Carousel

California Adventure is suppose to have this amazing water and lights show at dark so we grabbed what we thought would be great seats. Once the show started we found out they were not so good :/

We only could see the back of the show. We tried to go around front but there were only a mere million people there (:)) so we just decided to head over to Disneyland and do a few rides that we hadn't had the chance to the day before.

I know I've said it before but I just love Disney :)

We really wanted to ride the Indiana Jones ride because I had heard it was amazing. The wait was an hour which was kind of a bummer because we only had 2 hours left before the park closed. So Cam and Aiden got in line and Asher, Milly and I jumped on the jungle Cruise (an original ride) which was right next to it. Milly was kind of fussy and ended up falling asleep in my arms. This ride was hilarious, creepy and scared the beegezus our of Ash and I! HA! (no pics because I was holding a sleeping child)
After the ride I text Cam and him and Aiden were still in line so Ash and I stopped by a little shop to grab a few souveniers and waters. Then found a nice comfy spot and parked.

Let me just say the wait was SO worth it! This Indiana Jones rides amazing!!!!! My fav one we went on the entire time we were there. Luckily with Rider Swap Ash and I didn't have to wait at all. After we came off, we were all in a good mood again and little sis was awake. On our way over to Fantasyland we stopped for Dole Whips (SOOOOOO delicious) and then pictures in front of the castle.

And decided the last ride we were going to was Nemo's Submarine.

This ride was really neat as you are in a real submarine but it was so relaxing Cam and I almost fell asleep ;) When we came off the ride the park was closing and for awhile we were the only people in the area. It was really weird walking around Disney with no one around you. Once we got to main street there were more people and we decided to stop for a few snacks. I had seen people wearing the "1st time to Disneyland" buttons so I asked the girl where to get them and surprisingly she had them!

We left the park around midnight (after getting Aiden's lost hat at lost and found) and walked the long walk back to the hotel. It was an amazing day filled with tons of fun, no meltdowns and memories that will last us a lifetime. Till next time Disney :)

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