kirchoff travel diaries: day 5 meeting mickey and a halloween party!

Friday, October 14, 2016

As tired as we were by the 5th day of vacation it almost felt like we were starting a whole new vacation. We were up early and off to meet the man...Mickey Mouse! When we went to Disney World I loved using the character meals as our chance to meet the characters and get autographs leaving the time at the parks for rides. With this in mind I scheduled 2 character meals during this trip, the first one being breakfast with Mickey and his friends!

Milly was VERY nervous about meeting the characters. She's never been a huge fan of costumes. So to calm her nerves we checked out a gift store nearby and tried on some minnie ears ;)

Then over to breakfast we went! As soon as they call your name you stop and take a picture with Mickey. I was just planning on buying that picture (plus my daughter was hanging on to me for dear life) so I didn't get them to use my phone. And what do you know the picture they took was HORRIBLE! There was no way I could spend $35 on a horrible picture. So there you go proof that we actually met Mickey ;) 

But we did meet a few other characters...


Stitch (who Milly wanted NOTHING to do with)

And of course Minnie. Now this one she was super excited to meet.

To my surprise the boys were just as excited about meeting the characters this time around as they were the first. I guess you never really get too old for Disney ;)

And we ate delicious Mickey shaped waffles covered in sugar and whip cream! 

After we left breakfast we still had pretty much all afternoon to waste before we were allowed to go into the park with our Halloween Party tickets. We tried to figure out a parking situation but just ended up driving back to the hotel, parking there and then walking to the park.

Once we got back we headed to Downtown Disney to pass the time. We stopped in another store (y'all we bought hardly anything on this trip! That's truly amazing) and tried on more ears.

Stopped at the Lego Store and ooh'd and ahh'd over the very cool Lego statues...

And hit up the ESPN themed aracade

before heading over to the Land.

I just LOVE Disney! Seriously love it! As soon as we walked in it just felt magical. There is something about this's special :) 

And  love it most of all during Halloween!

Luckily as soon as we got there a parade was about to start. Disney parades might be my favorite part of the parks. They are breathtaking! People had told me that before we went, but until you see one for yourself you just can't understand.

I was trying to sneak a picture of her because this was her first Disney parade! She was so cute yelling, laughing and waving at everyone :)

After the parade we were ready to go! We only planned for a day and a half at the parks so before we left I made a list of rides I wanted us to do. This park was built in 1955 and they still have many rides that were here when the park was built. All of those I really wanted to do (and we did all but 3 so not bad). 

First stop was Tomorrowland where we rode Star Tours and a Buzz Lightyear ride

Milly was so excited to see "the real" Buzz Lightyear. Her eyes lit up!

After those 2 we rode Autopia which was one of the original rides

After that the rest of the rides had a pretty long wait so we hopped over to Fantasyland to ride a few things
One of the great things about Disney is something called Rider Share. If you have a child in your party that can't (or doesn't was to) ride a ride, one person stands in line and when they get to the front they ask for the rider share pass. They ride the ride, give the pass to the other members that want to ride the ride and they get to skip to the front. This was SO handy! Cam and Aiden always went first while Ash and  waited. While the boys were in line for the Matterhorn, we walked over to take a picture of It's a Small World. 

No one really wanted to do this ride but I did want to get a picture because it was HUGE!

Ash and I in line for Matterhorn

Cam and Sissy chit chatting it up!

Next rides were the Carousel

Snow White's Scary Adventures (original ride)

Dumbo (original ride)

 This one is actually really fun and the views are amazing!

And a few others including back to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain

Asher's face kills me!!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!

It was getting dark and time to find a spot for the Halloween Parade and Fireworks show

I just love Walt and Mickey in front of the castle. I haven't mentioned this yet but the castle is SO small! When I saw it I was shocked. The one at Disney World is GIANT!

The Headless Horseman rode in first to bring in the parade.

 I cannot tell you how cute the kids were and how much they loved this!

The Halloween Parade was fantastic! And of course the fireworks were just as amazing!

Disney really does have the whole parade/fireworks shows down to an art!

After all this fun we were EXHAUSTED! Our last stop of the night was the Haunted Mansion

Man was it a show stopper! They redo the entire ride into The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was beautiful to see and my fav ride of the day.

We headed back to hotel and hit the sack around midnight. We were exhausted but excited about the next day ahead! I know I've said it before but our kids really are the best troopers!

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  1. These pictures are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing your trip w us!!!


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