kirchoff travel diaries: day 4 saying goodbye san fran, hello la

Thursday, October 13, 2016

After a few very late nights, this Kirchoff crew was quite tired. We slept in Tuesday, packed up our stuff, loaded up the rental and headed into the city for our last morning there. I had soooo many things on the list that we didn't get to do and at this point I really just had to decide which was most important since we were leaving that evening. Cameron found another amazing breakfast stop called Sweet Maple. It was also over in the point of interest area that we would be in that day. So we stopped by to fill our tummies :)

It was amazing! This place has been on TV for their bacon and man did it not disappoint. My fav was the coconut cream latte

After a big breakfast we walked over to the Full House house as it was only a few blocks away. The morning was absolutely gorgeous! The weather was so nice and cool and the sun was shining brightly. 

I just love the style of homes in SF

The boys and I are huge Full House nerds so we were a little giddy when we saw the house ;) It's for sale for a mere 4 million dollars. What??!!!

Next stop was the Cable Car Museum!

this hill was NO JOKE!

This is a definite must if you are in San Franscico. Not only is it free (holla) but it's amazing! All the cable cars in town are still run from this very spot. It was fascinating! The kids loved seeing the old cars and watching short films they have showing them through the years. Plus this place had one of the best gift shops we had run in to!

Afterwards we headed back to the car and navigated our way to Mission Dolores

This is the oldest building in SF and the first Catholic Church in the area as well built in 1776. It was beautiful!
stock photo since I didn't get a picture of the outside

What it looked like back when it was built

They have since built a very large Basilica connecting to it that they do mass in. The larger Basilica was destoryed in the 1908 earthquake and has been rebuilt, but the little mission built with mud bricks held up strong. Our tour guide said it is only by miracle that this building has held up being so poorly built. Quite amazing :)

She knelt and prayed all on her own. Sweet little thing :)

After the church tours we went outside to a little museum and cemetery. Most of the people buried here were small children or men and women in their 20s. So sad to think of the short lives these people lived. I cannot even imagine the conditions they lived in and raised a family in. 

We said a few prayers and then left for the airport. San Francisco was better then I could have ever imagined! I was a little worried about it being a family friendly city but man did they surprise me. The people were so kind, the city is SO clean and the kids had an amazing time. We hopped the plane to LA very excited about our Disneyland adventure that lay ahead!

Nothing too exciting happened once we landed. It was already late, we picked up the rental car, drove about an hour to Anaheim, checked into the hotel and grabbed dinner at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles :)

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