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Monday, October 10, 2016

Saturday October 1st was the day we set off for San Francisco, CA! We were all so excited it was hard to sleep the night before. From our other travel adventures we have learned a few our family doesn't do too well with early flights ;) So we scheduled a late morning/early afternoon flight which gave us plenty of time to get moving and get to the airport. I can't tell you how many times we have barely made it in time to get our luggage on the plane #truestory

To our surprise as we were waiting for our plane we spotted Nolan Ryan. Asher and Cam almost came unglued! Then as we were boarding we noticed him and his wife were behind us. So I took a "fake selfie" mostly just to try and get them in the pic ;) Ha! 
Nolan Ryan=tall bald man

And if that wasn't enough they ended up sitting right in front of us. I chit chatted it up with his wife (who was SUPER nice) before we took off hoping to get on their good side not really knowing how Milly was going to do on the flight. To our surprise she did great! 
lip gloss=great entertainment

As we were landing at LAX (our layover spot) towards the end of the flight her ears were popping and she kept yelling "why are my words weird!" LOL! It was so cute! After we landed she said "oh good now my words are right." While we were waiting to get off, Asher mustered up the courage to ask Mr. Ryan to sign his hat. I think he was actually surprised to be asked being that I'm pretty sure we were the only people on the plane that recognized him. 

After grabbing lunch and stretching our legs we were back on the plane and off for SF!!!! Our plane wasn't full so we were all spread was heavenly! After that quick flight we were off to get our luggage and wait for our shuttle to the hotel.
these Texans were cold!!!!

Now this is where our trip took a turn for the stressful. First let me say we had the HARDEST time finding a hotel in SF that didn't break the bank. Once we did, I read all the reviews and Cam and I decided it was our best choice. Well, when we pulled up we felt like we had been tricked. This hotel looked nothing like the pictures. It was 30 minutes from the city and our room smelled very strange. Always trying to stay positive I encouraged the fam to just brush it off, change clothes and head into the city. Our plan was to use public transportation because we heard parking in SF was awful and expensive. Cam had called ahead and the hotel informed us that their was a train nearby that would take us into town. So we rushed to change clothes and ran to the train station only to find that we missed it. At this point it was already 5:45 pm and the train ride alone was an hour long. Plus the station was a little shady with many questionable people. Cam and I were actually a little nervous being there at all but we didn't know what to do. We couldn't take a cab because we had no car seat for Milly. So back to the hotel we went (a good 30 min walk). 
always make time to pose for pictures ;)

We were tired, hungry and pretty frustrated being that nothing since we got to SF seemed to be going our way. We decided to just rent a car (best decision ever!). The man at the front desk was so nice and drove Cam back to the airport to rent a car and car seat. An hour later he was back and off the Fisherman's Wharf we went! We decided to just brush off what had happened and start over and I'm very thankful we did because the rest of the evening was perfect!
Bay Bridge

We found parking (it wasn't that bad) paid for it (it wasn't that expensive) and made an executive decision that wherever we traveled to, besides NYC, we would ALWAYS rent a car. No matter what. We walked around Fisherman's Wharf and man was it packed. 
I cannot wait to show Asher these pictures when he's older ;)

There were shops everywhere, street performers and music. It was really fun. We stumbled upon a famous restaurant and ate dinner. It overlooked the Golden Gate bridge and the food and drinks were delicious. Everyone was happy :)

After dinner we walked along the bay over to Ghirardelli Square. 

At this point it was around 9 pm (11 pm) Texas time. I have no idea how but the kids were still going strong! We ordered and shared a yummy ice cream sundae and then looked around the factory.

After that we walked back to the car (surprisingly only had 1 meltdown by Asher) and headed back to the hotel. We pulled in around midnight...exhausted but happy :)

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  1. What an adventure! I always love your travel stories!


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