that time i taught my first religion class...

Monday, September 19, 2016

"The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it."
St. Teresa of Calcutta

Yesterday was my first Religious Education class as a teacher. I was soooo nervous but very excited. We went to mass Saturday evening (because Aiden was serving) and because I wanted to make sure I wasn't rushed getting to my class Sunday morning. I went to my classroom, got the books out and looked at my class roster. We only had 3 kids! I was a little shocked but kind of excited because I knew that with only 3 kids we might really have a chance to teach these kids! I had bought folders for each child and printed out the Lord's Prayer in case they didn't know it. I prepared their folders and books and patiently waited for them to arrive. Right at 10:15 they all got there and seemed happy and excited. Then about 10 minutes later the RE director came in and informed me that there was no teacher for the 4th & 5th grade sacrament preparation class so we were going to get those kids as least for now. So 3 more kids joined our class. Then 2 more showed up and then 1 more. So the class ended up being bigger then I originally planned but it was great! All the kids were so sweet and eager to participate. At the end of class I asked each of them to bring a picture of their baptism to the next class because that is what we will be talking about. 2 kids raised their hands and said they haven't been baptized yet. I was a little surprised because I had assumed since this was a first communion class that all the kids have been baptized. Now I am even more encouraged then ever to know that I will get to go through baptism with these  2 students. What an journey this year is going to be! After all the kids left I was so excited about this upcoming year. I feel really lucky to get to share my love of our faith with this group of children. I have a feeling being an RE teacher is going to more then I ever imagined it would be :)

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