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Monday, September 5, 2016

1. Somehow our August here in Texas has been quite pleasant. We have been graced with many rainy days which cools down things a bit. In my opinion, one of the greatest smells in the world is the smell of rain hitting hot pavement. I can literally stand outside and just take it all in.

2. Things have been HARD around these parts lately. 5th grade is proving to be harder then we could have ever imagined and getting back in the swing of things is taking longer then I thought it would. I love my kids school but the curriculum is quite rigorous. We will make it through and develop a new normal and in no time, I am praying, these hard days are all behind us :) "Hard is not the same thing as bad" is our new motto this year.

3. So because of above issues, I have deleted all social media apps from my phone. I noticed about a week and half ago how much time I was wasting. So I deleted the apps and man it's amazing what you can get done without distractions ;) I will be back but right now my family is more important then someone else's.

4. Now that I am productive again, I have revamped all the kids rooms! I cannot wait to share here on the blog (after we get a few more things in the mail) but each of their rooms looks amazing! The best part is how excited they are about them. I LOVE being productive. It's was keeps me sane, it's what centers me and just makes me feel good. I know not everyone feels the same way but hey, we all have our thing :)

5. Amelia's Adventures in Preschool continue this year in the 3's class! We went to meet her classmates and teacher last Thursday. She was so stinkin cute and so excited. She will go Tues/Thurs and she cannot wait. So excited for her first day tomorrow!

6.  I am really enjoying my Plum Paper Planner! It's so pretty and fun that I ordered another one! I'm slightly embarrassed about that but I wanted to try out a different layout and see which one I like best. I will be doing a post reviewing both layouts but for now here's a sneak peek of one of them.

7. Saturday I took Aiden to a preview of a youth bowling league here in town and he loved it! So we will now have a bowler in the house. He was so cute and so serious and had the best time. All the kids there were really nice and I am looking forward to this extracurricular activity for him!

So that's what has been going on in our life! Life is busy and most days I feel like I am living out of my car chauffeuring kids around and running errands. Though things may seem crazy I really do love it. Motherhood is my vocation. I love it all and am so thankful that I get to be a stay at home mom and devote my life right now to my family. Nothing in this world could make me happier :)

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