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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Because I haven't been super diligent on the blog I'm going to do one big post to catch up on all the happenings in our life!

1. Lots of firsts
The week of Labor Day Milly had her 1st day of school and 1st day of dance!

 Please take note that when she grows up she wants to be poo poo. I cannot WAIT to show her this when she is older ;)
 Both school and dance are going great! This year in dance she is doing ballet and tap which she is thrilled about!
After her first dance class we went and ate lunch at one of our fav restaurants by the studio. While we were waiting for our food she drew this picture of our family! So stinkin cute!

2. Picture Day!
Last week was picture day and man did my boys look  handsome!

3. My Harvest!
All of a sudden, just like that, my garden has been producing! Almost everyday I am picking tomatoes, okra and mint. Last week I picked all these eggplant and watermelon. 
I made the most delicious eggplant and okra saute. Friday I am going to say goodbye to my summer garden and pull up all the plants to prepare my soil for my winter garden. We will be traveling the first week of October for the kids fall break (more on that to come) so my goal is to get it all pulled up before we leave.

4. Milly's Fashion
This is so random and pretty much just an excuse to post these pictures so that I can look back on them but my little Milly girl and been looking oh so cute (and grown up) lately!

5. Got My Hair Did

And it was about time ;) All I'm gonna say about that! #hideallthegrays

Happy Hump Day!

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