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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Once upon a time I was so on top of well checks. My kids literally had their well checks either on their birthday or the days immediately following. Now we have them sometime in the year that they are the age of said well check ;)

Last Wednesday we strolled into the Pedi for both boys well checks.

Asher 9 years old
Height: 4'5 
Weight: 54lbs

Aiden 10 years old
Height: 4'9
Weight: 63lbs

Everything went great, both boys are healthy, even thought slightly on the skinny side, but hello genetics...nothing we can do about that :) They told hilarious stories to the pedi and as usual he was quite entertained. As we were leaving he said "Your family impresses me at how well they work together." Thanks Doc!
To all of our surprise Aiden had to get a shot. Literally I had no idea and promised both they wouldn't so you can imagine the glare I got from Aiden when he was told he needed one. Whoops! He was a champ (he HATES shots) as he took his Tetanus booster. The bad thing...poor guy ended up having a reaction and its been a rough couple of days. The school nurse called me yesterday afternoon to pick him up because he was feeling so rotten. When I picked him up I noticed his arm was very red, puffy and super sensitive to the touch. So back over to the pedi we went so they could look at it. Good news is it's not infected but he is having an adverse reaction. So cold compresses and motrin was ordered. Today it's feeling better but is still red so we are watching it and him.
And sometime in the next few months we will be heading back in for little sister's 4 year check up. Not looking forward to that one at all!

Happy Weekend!

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