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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I woke up yesterday morning refreshed and ready for a new week. Last week was exhausting. It was our first full week of school, first week of homework and it rained all week. I have to say that the rain was a nice welcome since we had a break from the everyday 105 temps. For some reason I am more productive in cool rainy weather then hot weather. Maybe that's why last week was so busy ;)

Cameron and I spent a lot of the week planning for our next big family vaca. The boys have a week off in October and we wanted to use this time for a vacation. Vacation planning is exhausting! More on this vaca to come :)

Friday our lovely housekeeper came to save more from the wreck of our house so Amelia and I stopped by the mall for a couple of hours to grab some gear for our upcoming trip and then hit up a local trampoline place.

We had a really fun afternoon :)
A stop at the Disney store is never complete without a Rapunzel toy ;)

Thanks to all the rain lately I had a great excuse to buy some rain gear!
This gorgeous rain coat was a steal from Amazon!

And thankfully we had it (and a few new umbrellas) because Saturday pretty much looked like this

Cameron braved the storm and BBQ'd a brisket. 
For Father's Day he got a Green Egg pit and since then had been cooking dinner every weekend. It's the gift that gives and gives...

Sunday we went to church

And then dropped off the kids at my parents house and had a day date. Day dates are my jam! We grabbed lunch at Wendy's (super romantic) then headed over to the theater to see Bourne. Of course Matt Damon did not disappoint :)

After we picked the kids up we headed home to do a whole lotta nothing!

Yesterday after swim little miss Amelia and I did a little back to school shopping for her. It was fun! I love me some shopping and she is at a great age for it. We scored tons of deals and now she is all ready for preschool which starts after Labor Day.
Of course a trip to the mall is never complete without a ride on some creepy dirty rides! Ha!

Here's to us surviving another week!!!!

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