last day of summer

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Today is officially the last day of summer. We have REALLY been cramming in every.single.second we could out of this summer but alas it's coming to an end.

And I'm not too sad about that ;) 

And I don't feel a single bit guilty about that ;););)

I absolutely one hundred billion percent adore my kids. I remember when they were younger just dreading the start of school and wanted them to stay home forever. I would hear moms talk about how they couldn't wait for school to start and I was shocked they felt that way. I would judge them and think I was better then them basically because I was young and naive. The older more confident mom that I am now has thrown away the "judging cap" I use to wear. I've learned so much in these 10 years I have been a mom. The thing that has changed is the older my kids are getting the more I am enjoying them. I am no longer afraid of them getting older and moving on but am excited about it. I am so excited about the 5th and 4th grade for my boys. They are going to have so many new adventures, learn so many new things and I am so excited for them. I keep telling them that their best school days are coming! These are the years they will remember as adults and I love that for them!

I have a huge list of things we need to do today which include a back to school photo shoot and our Back to School Feast this evening! But before I leave enjoy these pictures of our last weeks of summer :)

Best Friends!!!!

Baseball Games!

 The boys were chosen to go on the field and stand with the players during the national anthem. This was seriously a dream come true for Asher! While they were down there they got a few autographs :)

 And to top off all the fun, Asher had a player throw him a ball! Not bad for a Monday night!

 And I know I'm a little biased but is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen????!!!!
She's a real life cabbage patch doll! Those cheeks and eyes...I die!

Sayonara Summer 2016!

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