Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In June I took the kids to the Religious Education office at our church to sign up the boys for VBS and all 3 kids for RE classes. This is the first year Amelia can take RE and I am super excited for her. When they boys were her age they loved this class and I know she will as well. I had been thinking about volunteering to teach a class but decided that I might wait another year. As I was filling out the paperwork for the kids, the lady in charge asked me if I might think about volunteering to teach a class. 


It literally just fell out of my mouth without even thinking about it. I sat there afterwards a little stunned that I said it to be honest. She was so excited and had me fill out a separate form. I mentioned to her that since it as my first year I would really prefer to be an assistant and she said okay. 

Then came Sunday in Mass. I grabbed a weekly bulletin as we were leaving and noticed a sheet of paper that was inserted that said Faith Formation classes. I scanned it looking for my name and what class I would be in.

And there it was...

3rd grade Sacrament Preparation

I literally sat frozen in the car and double and triple checked it to make sure it was correct. And...I have no aide so it's just me teaching the class. I immediately felt a little sick to my stomach. Why in the world did they chose me to teach this class? I have NO qualifications! It makes NO sense! These were all the things floating through my mind. Then at the bottom of the page I saw this quote.

"Remember: He doesn't call the equipped, 

It was as if this was put there for me. I took a deep breath and laughed a little. Why in the world would I think that I was not good enough for this job. I have been a Catholic my ENTIRE life. Everyday for almost 36 1/2 years (I was baptized when I was 3 weeks old). I attended Catholic school for 9 years. I attend church regularly, read the Bible, pray the Rosary and have 2 children that have already been through their 1st communion. I am more then ready/qualified for this. 

After the dust settled I started to get excited for my new calling. I am going to lead a class through one of the most important years on their faith journey. I mean how cool is that? I am so excited and more ready then I was just 3 days ago ;) Am I still nervous...of course! Nerves come with anything new in life. I am always telling my kids not to be afraid to try new things so how silly of me not to take my own advice. So wish me luck (and pray for me) as I take on my new calling in just a few weeks :)


  1. That is awesome Jenny!!! Those kids are so blessed to have you for their teacher! You were a huge influence on Brian and I becoming Catholic!❤️🙏🏻⛪️


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