Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Saturday we celebrated my grandfather turning 95 years old!

(can you spot Aiden twice, lol! The magic of photoshop) 

Almost all of our family came out to celebrate. I mean how many 95 year olds do you know? It's a pretty rare thing to make it that many years these days. I really enjoyed the time I spent visiting with both my grandparents. 

My grandfather told me the reason he has lived such a long healthy life is
~he was never sick as a child
~he never smoked
~he rarely drinks alcohol
He said he has always been healthy and when he was in the military and everyone else was drinking and smoking he chose not to.

Sitting and talking with my grandmother (who Milly is named after) gave me quite a different view. She believes they have had the life they have is due to faith. Her and my grandpa go to daily mass and pray the rosary daily. Her and I had a great conversation about the rosary and I told her how important it is becoming in my life. She looked right at me and said "get attached to it." She even sleeps with hers. They have always trusted and turned to God in every aspect of their lives. Talking to her was so enlightening. We talked about motherhood and how hard it can be. We shared stories about being a wife and mother and talking honestly with someone that I know has been through what I am going through was like having a weight lifted. Motherhood and family life can be sooooo HARD! What I have learned from her, friends and inspiring blogging moms is that hard is different then bad. It really really is. I love my hard life right now because I know in the blink of an eye it won't be hard. Cameron and I will be sitting in this house with only each other while our kids are off living their lives. I hope that we are as happy and healthy as my grandparents are and that our children have the same fortune.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Alleck! I am so very thankful for the day you were born and this large family that you created. I'm a lucky girl to be in it :)

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