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Monday, July 25, 2016

As I am sitting here typing this I cannot believe that we are 2 weeks and 2 days away from the 1st day of school. While I absolutely love the first day of school, I am looking back at this summer and amazed at how quickly it flew by. Only 7 more summers with our Aiden before we are packing him up and sending him to college. So crazy to think about. It is so true the saying "the days are long but the years are short." 

Anyway...on to our summer weeks!

Week 7

This was our first week back from the beach and I had to boys signed up to go to a free financial camp that a local bank was holding. I had been told by a teacher at our school that she sends her boys every summer and they love it so I figured why not give it a go!
And they loved it. Said it was their favorite camp they went to all summer. And they actually learned a thing or two. One day they were talking to me about compound and simple interest (which I have no idea what that is) and then the next about how they want to start up savings account. Not bad for a free camp ;)

We also celebrated Milly's very best friends birthday! 
She adores Annabelle and these two are thick as thieves.

We even played a little Pokemon Go at the party
Milly thought this was hilarious! She keeps asking to look at the picture. Is it just me or is it weird that my 3 year old little girl likes Pokemon??!! ;)

The boys went to an art camp at our local Painting with a Twist. They had a blast and painted beautiful pictures! 

Little Sis liked posing as Elvis

Other then that we spent the week recovering from the beach vacation, laundry, cleaning the house and getting ready for school to start. New uniforms were bought, laundered and hung up, backpacks and lunch bags bought and closets cleaned out in bedrooms! It was a very productive and busy week!

Week 8

This week we continued the closet clean outs in the house. I am going to post the system I use for the boys rooms because its sooooo easy and it really really helps keep them organized which keeps me happy :) I also tackled my closet while I was at it because it needed it as well. I loaded up another bag for thred up and sent it packing.

After 2 days of non stop working at the house I treated myself to a new delicious drink from Starbucks while the boys were in gymnastics
I wish I could tell you the name but it's insanely long and makes you feel a little ridiculous ordering. It's some kind of sangria tea...and it's amazing. With the boys occupied I sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes while Milly watched a movie in the backseat quietly. These few moments of peace and quiet were heavenly.

To reward the kids for their great behavior while I got stuff done at the house, Wednesday I took them to an indoor trampoline place with friends. 

No surprise they had a great time!

And Milly made a new friend she called Diamond. Not sure if that was the girls real name but I have to say they were the cutest little things in the whole place jumping around together :)

We also painted pots and bought cactus to plant in them. These are part of our Back to School Feast and will serve as the centerpieces. They are super duper cute!

Friday our house keeper came (hallelujiah!) so we had to get out of the house for the day. We went to see The Jungle Book at the discount theater (it was okay) and then stopped by IKEA for some finishing touches to my living room (which I redid again). IKEA has to be one of my fav places to go in the summer. I drop off Asher and Milly in the childcare area where they can play and have fun and Aiden and I hang out together. He had fun taking selfies with furniture I was looking at. Goofball!

Saturday, Cam's dad came into town and since he loves golf we figured why not load everyone up and head to Top Golf. We've never taken the kids and this was the perfect opportunity. It was so much fun!
Such a fun place to hang out together as a family. I beat Cam in 2 rounds which was quite hilarious to me considering he plays golf weekly and me...well never ;) 

Milly even joined in on the golfing fun.

These last few summer weeks were great. I so enjoyed being at home and not vacationing (I know that sounds weird, right?) Last week was especially great with no camps or commitments. I really love being home and productive. No promises but I really am going to try and post something everyday this week! ;)

No promises though...

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