preparing for the back to school feast

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We are only 2 weeks away from our 2nd annual Back to School Feast and I am knee deep in preparations. 

This year it will be the evening before school starts not the 1st day. I think this will be a change that becomes a tradition. First thing I do when getting ready is chose a theme for the year for my kids. This year it's

"be faithful in small things because it is in them that your faith lies." 
~Mother Teresa

This year is probably going to be pretty challenging academically for both my boys but especially for Aiden. I want him to remain confident and be able to use this theme to keep his head high and faith strong even when it feels like he might crumble. Last year I pushed him and at times might have been a little to hard on him. At the end of the year Cameron gave me some really great hindsight advice and so this year I am only going to support him in positive ways and let who he is and is meant to be shine through. Our children cannot be who we want them to be. All they can do is be who God wants them to be. After a summer of clarity and I now believe this to be true more then ever :)

Once our theme was chose I ordered stars from Kurt large one with the theme and then 3 small ones (representing each kid) to hang around. 

And ordered a print from Pinhole Press that I will hang in the homework room. I created this print in a design program on my computer. I am also going to make one with last years theme and have it printed to hang in the room as well.

And I am thinking about having small notebooks made with this on it as well. Maybe they can use it as a journal for the year.

I was introduced to a new planner company by a friend called Plum Paper. I am a proud paper planner girl and have loved Erin Condren planners for the last 2 years. However, I am always up to try new things and after seeing hers decided to order a new one for myself and while shopping found these student planners on their site
So as our present to the boys this year I ordered each of them a school planner and personalized it to meet their needs.

I should be getting them any day now in the mail and I cannot wait to see how they turned out! I hope this keeps my boys organized this school year :)
I also ordered Milly a little notebook with Elsa and Anna from Shutterfly ;)

I plan on decorating the table again and am using their cute pots as a centerpiece. I am also going to cook their favorite dinner (which we haven't quite decided on yet). I cannot wait to spend the evening with my favorite people celebrating one of my favorite times of year! I know it might seem like a lot but it really is a fun way to get ready for school. I highly recommend creating a Back to School Feast for your kids even if it's just small and simple. Building memories is what this life is all about :)


  1. So Eleanor does the same thing! But now with the twins here I spend two hours every night getting them down. And when I'm finished with that Eleanor keeps coming down time and time again. Not to mention the big kids like to run back-and-forth upstairs playing games way after their bedtime. I found a new solution recently that has really helped. Every night after I get the twins down I go upstairs and if the kids are in their beds with the lights out I take time to sing each one a lullaby and rub their back. After that if they come back downstairs or get out of bed they lose that privilege the next night. This is a very special time for them and they don't want to lose it. So far it is been working like magic. Not sure if this will help you but it's worth a try. Love you my friend!

  2. Hoops totally posted my last comment on the wrong post but I love your back to school feast too ha ha!


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