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Friday, July 15, 2016

A couple of weeks ago Cameron and I headed off to Cali one Thursday late afternoon on quite the meet his birth father.
The trip was really great. We met his Dad, who was very nice and honestly meeting him went better then either of us ever imagined. We met his brother who was also super nice and showed us around a bit. The details of all that I'll keep to myself because they are just a little too private to put out there. And we had some really really funny moments...

Like when we decided to hike up Mt. Hollywood in jeans and with no water because we had no idea it was actually a real exercise type of hike ;) LOL
The views were stunning! Once we got to the top of the hill the cold breeze that hit us was much needed since we were pretty thirsty at this point ;) Seriously we are nuts! We laughed the whole way down at how touristy we were :)

Another one for the books was when I realized what a complete nerd I was when the only pictures of stars I took on the Hollywood Walk of Fame were these

Or how we ran around Rodeo Drive for about 30 minutes looking for a bathroom so Cam didn't pee his pants! LOL! I have a new found respect for nice Texas business' that allow you to use their bathroom ;)
We also checked out some pretty nice shoes that were only $2k. Yikes!

Or how insanely nasty Venice Beach smelled. OMG I don't think I will ever forget that smell. 

And my favorite (totally kidding) part was opening google maps to look at this every.single.time we put in an address

Overall the trip was a great time for Cam and I to spend together. This trip was like no other we have ever been on and might be my favorite. Was it because of where we were...not at all! LA was nothing like I thought it would was dirty, over crowded and the parking...there is NONE! And if you find some you practically have to hand over your first child to get it. The things we went through emotionally and the hilarious times we had I will remember forever :)

Watching skateboarders and surfers on Venice Beach
 Putting our feet in the cold Pacific Ocean for the first time ever!

Going to Dodger's Stadium to see a game

Eating the most AMAZING food!

Hittin up Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles at 11:30pm on a Saturday night
 Dream come true for these Snoop fans!

Kayaking on the bay in Newport Beach

Indoor Go Cart racing

Santa Monica Pier

My fav thing was just being together and seeing new things with my number 1 :)

Until next time Cali...

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