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Thursday, July 28, 2016

I love new school stuff! Planning and shopping for it with the kids takes me back in time to when I was getting ready with my mom. I just seriously love it! Since the boys wear uniforms and we aren't back to school shopping like most, I let them get a new lunchbox and backpack every year. This year Asher really wanted a rolling backpack and I have to say when I went shopping for them I was completely shocked at how expensive they are! Holy moly! Luckily one day I was browsing Pottery Barn Kids and found this one on clearance for $25! 

I really wasn't sure if he was going to like it because he has quite an interesting style so I ordered a few pins to decorate it and a letter "A" as well. When it all came in I showed him and to my surprise he loved it! So together we pinned on the pins and hot glued the letter A.
It looks really cool :)

As for Aiden, he's a lot easier to shop with. His only requirement this year was that his backpack be "really big." One day I got a Land's End catalog and coupon so we hopped on their website and he picked his out...30% off!
He is also going to add some Pokemon pins he already has to his because he really liked how Asher's turned out.

As for lunchboxes...this wasn't as easy as backpacks. 
I wasn't even going to buy Milly one because she has a really nice one from Pottery Barn I got her last year but she begged me for the My Little Pony bag. She said "but Mommy you know I just love My Ponies" and hugged the bag. How could I say no to that??? I'm just going to save her other one until she starts Kinder. Again, Aiden's requirement was a "really big lunch bag because I am always so hungry at school." So he picked out this one that is seriously the size of a small cooler. LOL! 
And Asher. We almost didn't even get him one because none of the ones at Target were "cool" enough for him. As we were leaving the back to school area we stumbled across this bag.
It's absolutely perfect for him and pretty cute if you ask me. So we left Target all set for school!

We needed some new Bento boxes for the kids because the ones we had either broke last year or were breaking. I ordered these yumboxes from Amazon and am hoping they work for us.

My boys also like big snacks, so I found these cute snack boxes that should fill them up during the day.

With all that gear we are officially ready for school! Less then 2 weeks to go! 

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