SUMMER: week 2&3

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The first week of summer for us was VERY low key. I think it really takes awhile to set aside all the old habits and commitments and really just sink in and enjoy summer :)


Week 1 had a few ups and downs. The downs...I got food poisoning on Cameron and I's first date night of the summer. I was SO sick for 2 days and still felt bad for 3 more. It was the worst. Good thing the boys were in basketball camp this week.

Asher earned a few ribbons and a medal this year. Both boys ended the week with a tshirt and basketball. As usual they loved it and had a blast! Other then that not a whole lot went on this week. We spent our afternoons laying on the couch watching movies and pretty much just being lazy. It was awesome :)


I was feeling back to normal this week and was determined to get out and do stuff! This week the boys had VBS at our church. They absolutely love VBS and I love all the great information they learn and all the cute projects they come home with everyday.
Little Sis was VERY bummed she didn't get to stay but her and I found fun things to do while they were there. We would also go early and join in on the worship songs and dance. She loved that!
I am always on the look out for fun free things to do with the kids in the summer. Our local Disney store (and yours too) have a trivia day every Wednesday at 4pm. The kids get to play fun Disney trivia and at the end everyone get a free bracelet with a Disney character on it. So far we have Dory, Nemo and Destiny (from Finding Dory). 
 Amelia was so stinkin cute this week. She knew all the answers to the questions. The girl in charge was so shocked! Ha!
After trivia we always make a quick stop at the cookie shop ;)

With the dance recital coming up on the weekend we were really busy prepping for that but did find time to squeeze in seeing Finding Dory!
It was a cute movie and all of us really enjoyed it!

Add in swimming almost everyday and playdates with friends and that's been our summer so far! I really wanted to spend time working on writing with the boys this summer but I have to admit that's kind of put on the back burner. Really hoping I can get my act together this week ;)

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